simple 6 layout

Today’s example uses the regular playing cards in the simple 6 layout.

This layout works great with the Lenormand & Zigeuner-Deco-sibilla style cards


Jack asks if his partner will finish aspects of a project that he depends on to conclude a business agreement.


A very brief explanation

.PAST – 2 red Aces indicate positive energy around this project. It also suggest it is a new or original idea that could generate some income and happiness.A of diamonds.jpg suggests the beginning of a financial situation that Jack is emotionally tied into (A of hearts.jpg. Diamonds typically represent things we cherish or place a value on..PRESENT – 2 red cards suggest good energy around this project and a joint effort is shown that requires stability of the emotions.4 of hearts.jpg suggest a solid plan that will bring emotional security to both Jack & his partner. 2 of diamonds.jpg hints at a union of financial resources to get this project moving ahead..FUTURE – 1 black & 1 red card. Clubs are the “work” cards and the Hearts promise a successful completion.The 5 of club.jpg points to an obstacle which is suggested by the center club. There is a solution to removing this obstacle and it can be solved by tackling it from different sides. The 7 of hearts.jpg, traditionally associated with mysticism points to holding on to the belief that there will be Divine assistance as well. The obstacle depicted in the ” 5 card” has support now – there are 2 additional hearts. They will be reviewing the project for a second time before they can see it come to a completion. 7’s are about adjustments and modifications. There is a hint of renewed emotional interest as well.I think Jack’s partner will finish his part of the project perhaps even sooner than expected (2 Aces in the past spot=surprise= suggests something already done). You can use any-body’s system of regular playing card divination to do a decent interpretation of these 6 cards.

update: sept 21st, Jack was informed that mid October the project would resume. The cards were right, well the intention is there but the real test will be next month.

update: Oct 16- Jack’s partner has begun on the continuation of the project but with a twist- it has gone back to it’s original name.

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