Question about Mystical Lenormand Stork #17

Bernice comments,

“Beautiful images in this deck, but does anyone know what the little black doll in a chalice (Bottom right) in the Stork card can mean?

mystical stork17.jpg

Mystical Stork

Obvious meaning would be a baby, stork/baby, but why a black doll … in a chalice?”

First of all thank you Bernice for all your comments on the various posts. You have posed an excellent question which could stir different responses hopefully from the readers of this blog.

The Mystical Lenormand stork card is associated with Aries ariesglyph.jpg the sign of House 1 in the Astrological wheel. It represents the beginning. In the Tarot system (& some Astrologers may disagree) the Ace of Cups (chalice) has been linked to the spring. Other schools of Astrological thought put the Ace of Wands as the season beginning spring-Aries. I tend to use both systems depending on which Tarot cards I use or which regular playing cards system.

This is a partial explanation. As you said the association of the baby with the Stork card is obvious. Within the cards meanings changes or movements of situations are strongly suggested as well.

It certainly would be interesting to ask Regula or Urban whether or not they had a reason for this baby to be rich in deep color. The Lady #29 card is of similar color.

First of all, my perception (without prejudice) on the shade of the doll-baby’s skin being deeper in the image is a reminder to accept “change” when it occurs- it is not always what we are accustom to experiencing. To explain the color (hue) black would necessitate the removal of all barriers of previous associations linked to black.

The reason for this is because for the most part the unknown, mysterious and negative has been linked to black. In the black, black magic, blackout etc.. However, in some cases it means prestige, class and status symbol. As a narrow view example a black tie affair, tanning, black belt..and so on.

Is there a simplistic answer? As an seasoned practitioner of various card systems, I would interpret the symbolism of the Stork as unexpected & unplanned perhaps unwanted changes. In relation to the connection to the Aries sign, I see active creative/destructive energy being triggered in the spot of the layout it falls. The card hints at a gestation period. During this process the outcome could be unpredictable.

The black doll in the chalice links the traditional meaning (baby) to the traditional symbolism of spring (aries) & love (chalice).

To determine whether certain suggested meanings resonate with you- test the cards through experimentation. We all have a myriad of insights. The relationship with each and every card becomes unique & personal for everyone.

5 thoughts on “Question about Mystical Lenormand Stork #17

  1. Hi everybody! Well, the stork card is very dinamc one. It brings a period of fertility, joy and luck; it represents the action of going after better times and also the arrival of them beyond meaning birth and pregnancy. A house with a stork nest on the roof was considered a lucky one. I see it as the comming ofa very pleasant period in wich there will be abundance and things will flow.

    In my opinion, theses associations with other symbolic systems cause more confusion than enlighten.When we try to explain one symbolic system for another we don’t learn any of them. Somone who doesn’t know astrology and tarot would be confused with such symbols.

    In the case of the black child I think it doesn’t bring any occult meaning because if we pay attention to the iconography of the cards we are before a transcultural lenormand. The artists created each card in a different way so that many cultures and mythologies were depicted in its symbolism.So this black child marks a characteristic of an art work.


  2. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your comment. Your insights are appreciated I think the intent of the Astrological glyphs is to enhance interpretation for those who are versed in this field of study.
    As with all works of art – and the Mystical Lenormand is no different, the interpretation is in the eyes of the beholder.

  3. Hi Madame Seaqeen! It’s been a couple of months since the last time I visited your kingdom! I’d like to say that you offer all lenormand lovers a very good source for reasearch and learning with your insights and ideas. If you don’t mind I’d like to add a link to your blog in mine.

    I am brasilian and lived for almost nine years in Portugal, now I am back to my homeland, living in Rio.

    For us it is very difficult to find books and any material about lenormand cards.

    irony of destiny, lenormand cards are one of the most popular oracle in the whole country. What happens here is that the meanings of some cards changed with a sincretism with the deities of the afro-religion pantheon through simbolic resemblance and also with the bad printings in the cheaper decks.

    All this is making the deck change and transform itself in another one and in this transitions I identified what we can call “brasilian lenormand school” that is the way people here approach to the cards and understand them. I think the moment of the lenormand cards in Brasil is very important for its history. I try to follow the “european school” because it is the one I like best.

    Once congratulations for the very good work!

  4. Thank you Alexsander for your comment and kind feedback.

    Please do continue to study the ‘European way’ in reading the Lenormand and spread the word to others. Yes the face of the Lenormand is changing. This is exactly what happened to the Tarot cards but the core meanings do not shift much.

    I read on your blog you are offering courses, unless the translation did not accurately reflect what you intended to write. Please correct me if I am wrong.
    I totally support your teachings and hope you find fulfillment in the Cartomancy journey.

    Keep me posted on your success.

    Madame Seaqueen.

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