The great Olney H. Richmond

I may have mentioned this before that I had pulled out all my old reference books that I had stored away. As there are so, so many I write about different ones here and there.

I have studied Robert Camp’s destiny card system and am fond of it . Also, Thomas Morrell’s Mystic Quadrant system. I highly recommend the 2 book Master Book of Prediction series you will see on Morrell’s link. I bought the set directly from Thomas and think it is a valuable addition to anyone who seriously wants to study this system.

I really like these systems because they incorporate Numerology, Astrology & regular playing cards.

You really don’t need to memorize anything because all the information is written in the books produced by the “above” mentioned and “below” mentioned authors.

I foresaw the demise of my dear partner & friend when I studied his yearly cards. I became aware of the seriousness of the duo spade cards (6 & 9 spades) he had in his Saturn house about 6 months prior to the actual date (that’s when I started to really pay attention). I knew something very “bad” could occur involving his health. I thought perhaps a major temporary setback. Sadly, he passed away within the 1st day of his 52 day Saturn period. I gained much more respect for this system after that. Even in my own yearly layout it shown I would be torn in two because of my involvement with a situation corresponding to his Saturn period.
Sometimes people don’t pay attention to the subtle warnings of cards. The cards are not always direct. I kept wondering for almost a year why I would be so torn up in that approaching birthday cycle reading. I wrote to Thomas Morrell for guidance about the spade duo & he was very helpful in what he wrote in the Email to me. I was a great fan of his writings.

The unsettled feeling I had was confirmed by the way the Tarot fell. And even then, it all felt so surreal. I still have that handwritten reading where I wrote the date that the Tarot suggested. 3 weeks after the 1st day of spring. Ace of Wands in the hopes and fear spot (celtic cross) and 3 of swords as the outcome card.

After that experience, I always like to look ahead-a few years down the road- there is “something” to this system and it should not be easily dismissed. You can look back to when you where 19 or forward to when you will be God-willing, 69 years old. Anything with a birthday can get a reading. What I mean by this is if your business was born on Oct 10th- the birthday card for the business will be Queen of Clubs. If you really wanted to get into it heavily, start your business on a day ruled by one of the more secure cards of the deck.

For example, if the Card of your business is the Queen of Clubs then this year 2007 would have been one with personal indecision not related to businesses but affecting business. The ruling card would be 3 of hearts. Hearts rule the emotional field and the 3’s are about choices.

The early part of 1980 I traded one of my Tarot decks with a lady I read for. In turn I received THE MYSTIC TEST BOOK written by Olney H. Richmond. I studied his system many years. The yearly readings would take well over 2 hours to do but I found people enjoyed the typed reports even better because then they had a copy. (no computers back then, lol) 2books.jpgYears later I bought the comprehensive handbook called SACRED SYMBOLS of the ANCIENTS written by Edith L. Randall & Florence Evylinn Campbell, M.A. This is an amazing reference book. Every birthday is written about, for example you can be represented by the (using the above example) Queen of Clubs – but which one are you. There are 12 birthdays ruled by Queen of Clubs. But not every card has 12 birthdays, for example the King of Spade belongs to only one, Jan 1st.

It wasn’t until Robert Camp and Thomas Morrell wrote their excellent books that it made a little more sense. Olney states in his book that timing is of the utmost importance and by looking at your watch you merge with the planetary energies when you lay the card. His instructions for readings are quite elaborate.

Christopher Littlefield- has the informative website Oracle cards -A site for Self-Transformation provides excellent free information. It’s a great site! Also, Sharon Jeffers’ site Star of the Magi- .

This post is provided to bring awareness to the Olney H. Richmond system of card readings.

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