Moon in Transit

MOON – 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes to transit all the signs in the natal chart. Average stay in each sign is approximately 2 1/4 days

SUN – 1 month in each sign

MERCURY – 1 month in each sign

VENUS- 1 month in each sign

MARS – approximately 1.8 months in each sign

JUPITER – 1 year in each sign

SATURN – approximately 2 1/2 years in each sign

URANUS – approximately 7 years in each sign

NEPTUNE – approximately 13 3/4 years in each sign

PLUTO – approximately 20.6 years in each sign

Exceptions – Retrogrades, which take longer & can be determined by looking in the Ephemeris.

How do Moon transits affect a person?

The Moon is associated with feelings and emotions, it will reveal which area of the zodiac the person is reacting to usually from subconscious habits. Certain parts of the body become a concern. I once knew an Astrologer who did not leave the house in the morning until she checked the Ephemeris to see what the position of the transiting moon was in her Natal chart. This was at a time when we used the Reference textbook and not any online service.

Did you know? The ancient Hippocratic Oath states” A physician cannot safely administer medicine if he is unacquainted with Astrology.”

That means – when the moon is transiting an Astrological sign that rules a part of the body -surgery or any cut into the body should not take place. There are countless examples of people who innocently had some medical procedure done which turned out to have more complications as a result. I am not talking about life saving operations.

I knew a person who broke his femur in his leg and on the day he was scheduled for surgery the transiting moon was in Sagittarius which rules the thigh bone. The surgery ended up having complications and the person developed a life threatening blood clot. Coincidence? I think not.

I heard of another person who had a blood test when the moon was transiting Gemini which rules the upper arms among other areas sustained a huge black and blue mark from the needle.

If the Moon affects our earth so that the water experiences the ebb and flow, then why wouldn’t it affect humans and animals. We are 70 % water. The ancient Astrologers and medicine people lived life around cycles and planetary energies-

The Full Moon brings heightened emotional responses, increases activity in the body. The New Moon is when the body best releases toxins from the body.

HOUSE 1- increases sweating in the head area, restlessness with a need for interactions with others.

HOUSE 2- loosens up the vocal chords, feelings are closely linked to money or what you value

HOUSE 3 – keeps the hand busy, not a good time for decisions-prone to changing your mind, more errands to do

HOUSE 4- increase in appetite or consumption of liquids, changes made within the home environment

HOUSE 5- desire to have more fun, tendency to be more affectionate and demonstrative of feelings

HOUSE 6- can cause indigestion, feelings tied up with work or worry about one’s well being

HOUSE 7- frequent urination, partners can postpone or cancel plans, the significant other is the focus, stimulates interactions

HOUSE 8- triggers sexual hormones, emotions associated with negative thinking, memories of past/endings

HOUSE 9- a need to exercise or walk, feelings are targeted at escape or travel, education or training can be an issue, calling long distance

HOUSE 10- can produce swelling in knees or tender teeth, prominent female plays a role, emotions lie with goals and career, changes should be expected

HOUSE 11- possible twisted ankles, induces much social activity, a wish or dream comes alive again, friends play important role

HOUSE 12- problems with proper footwear, can suggest visiting someone in a hospital or larger institution, prone to feeling down, being annoyed.

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