Astro House Associations of the Mystical Lenormand -house 11,12

House 11- Dog #18

House 12- Cross #36


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HOUSE 11 comes under the ruler-ship of Aquarius. The associations of this house are connected to friendships, community, hopes & dreams. Situations are more impersonal and involve group activities.

The image shows a friendly looking dog sitting in front of a fireplace exuding with bright flames. A symbol of warmth. You can almost see the dancing fire spirits. There is a crystal ball or orb placed on the rug. Circles symbolize continuity. On the mantle you can see a crystal pyramid and 2 Egyptian Goddesses support the fireplace. The dog’s red collar is filled with gems. Connections with past or ancient groups are evident in the card.

The suggested meanings for the Dog card are friendship. A dog protects the home and it’s occupants. This card is usually seen as positive indicating trust and loyalty. The connections to the 11th house are appropriate. When you wish or have a dream to accomplish a goal- you must be faithful to your vision.

In a reading the Mystical Dog card brings with it the suggestion that a group effort may be necessary to ensure continuity. It also hints at relationships of the past.

HOUSE 12 is associated with Pisces- the sign of suffering & sacrifice, or so legend has it. The 12th house is connected to the subconscious mind. It is the hard drive holding the memories of your past. Pisces is all about Universal love. The highest expression of love- unconditional acceptance, the willingness to help those less fortunate, to give without ever expecting to get something in return. Other associations of this house are hospitals, larger institutions such as jails, libraries, universities, churches , convents, monasteries, but not limited to just those. Solitude. Some Astrologers link the limitations of Karma to this house. Self-imprisonment- as depicted by the 8 of swords in the Tarot.

The image of the Cross card is almost eerie. There is a lot of gray- symbolizing wisdom. There is a scene of a cemetery with magnificent stone statues, especially the large one right in the middle of the card. On the right side of the card you can see part of a structure built with bricks. On the side of the archway about half way up you can see a sad face (on both sides). The spiraling question mark beneath the man with the beard carved into the center cross suggests the unknown. You can see many other symbols within this card that will mean different things to everyone. The black birds welcome the soul’s return.

The traditional meanings of the Cross card has long been linked to grief, sadness, pain & suffering. It is believed we all have our own cross to bear- our fate (if you have that belief system). This card is all about how you withstand life’s little and big tests. When I read the Cross card it tells me a situation has completed or cannot move forward anymore. It suggests holding on to emotional “baggage” and not seeing beyond that.

Anytime another card is coupled with the Cross card the result is usually unhappiness in the outcome. It will hint at a point of no return, whereas with the Coffin card-new beginnings are possible.

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