Comment from Amanda

To interpret a Natal chart is a lengthy process especially when the information offered is assimilated by a person and is not a computer generated printout.

The data given by Amanda that is listed in the comments section has been categorized to place the planets in the houses for easier associations within this post.

What I have done is cast an Astrological wheel and wrote in the data for a better visual. My general interpretation is in red and will be brief & to the point . The complimentary delineation below is for study purposes only and is written to provide entertaining & educational information to the readers so that it is in keeping with the theme of the *Ask my Cards* blog.

The delineation is derived from traditional associations of house, sign & planet. The aspects have not been covered. Aspects can modify the delineation by empowering the combination either negatively or positively.

“Amanda Says:
September 10th, 2007 at 12:30 am e
I will be posting my placements below. I would love to what you have to say about my chart in this 1st Saturn return.

follow the link………

Ascendant Scorpio 25°18′44

Neptune Sagittarius 17°43′23 in house 1 stationary (D)

Your outer personality has mystique to it- magnetic glare. People cannot figure you out immediately. You have always done your own thing. A penetrating, investigative mind that needs to probe and find out “why”. There is great potential for the drama & arts because of the ability to lose yourself in a “role”.

2nd House Sagittarius 26°01′37

An fluid approach towards what you value and your resources. Could work at two occupations during points in your life. Money can be made through all the things that are ruled by the 9th house such as publishing, foreign travel, religiously based organizations, spiritual/new age fields, educational institutions.

3rd House Aquarius 1°44′24

The ability to grasp ideas and information by seeing the totality of a situation. A visionary- being able to have foresight. Group and community involvements will become important at different stages in life. If there are siblings the connections would be close however because of distance or relocation the emotional closeness (day-to-day situations) could be challenging.

Imum Coeli Pisces 8°11′01

Highly sensitive as a child. Your emotions are intense, feeling deeply with an exceptional memory. Artist and musical talents are indicated. Natural psychic ability.
5th House Aries 9°32′58

Not afraid to go after what you want. Love of play, children and games. You need intellectual stimulation you to keep you interested. Your first child could very well be a male. You have the ability to be a leader in sports related fields.

6th House Taurus 4°37′39

Your work environment needs to be peaceful and less chaotic than for most people. Your system might be sensitive to discord. The area around you would have to be esthetically pleasing as well.
Descendant Taurus 25°18′44

You are attracted to good looking partners that are solid and secure within themselves. You may connect with someone from another country or cultural background. The second child is inclined to be female.

8th House Gemini 26°01′37

Mars Cancer 13°48′26 in house 8 direct

Talents in overseeing other people’s money or assets- good financial management skills. Could do your own personal accounting- record keeping.

9th House Leo 1°44′24

Mercury Leo 22°12′22 in house 9 direct,

Jupiter Leo 23°36′26 in house 9 direct,

Sun Virgo 5°47′20 end of house 9 direct,

Venus Virgo 6°56′30 end of house 9 direct,

You have a stellium of planets in the 9th house, this means that all thing under the rulership of house 9 will be a source of opportunity or challenge throughout your entire life. This also means that most likely you will find your “calling” and be focused in an area that you excel at. There is a love of education & philosophy, teaching & writing skills. Love of travel, exploring, adventures. Analytical & intuitive mind. Deeply sympathetic, a helper to those who are less fortunate. You love to be comfortable and the odd or eccentric appeals to you.

SATURN TRANSIT- you would have been experiencing the bulk of this transit already. By going back to work after several years of being at home is one of the effects of this transit. Your exact Saturn return is 15 degrees Virgo which will take place in your 10th house. How you prepare or set your goals for accomplishment will be experienced in 2008. It is important to really think over what field you want to work in because you may remain loyal to that job until your transits passes and then realize you never liked it in the first place. A common result.

The conjunction of Natal sun and transit Saturn in the same sign tends to give a person a more serious outlook, being in the earth sign- many people find themselves in roles of leadership with more responsibilities. Focus on planning and organizing. You may already have had a taste of this.

Medium Coeli Virgo 8°11′01

True Node Virgo 8°28′23 in house 10 direct

Saturn Virgo 15°46′21 in house 10 direct

You have a drive to achieve by birth. The Saturn transit will trigger your “drive” even more. Saturn is known as a taskmaster, great accomplishments are possible but not without lots of hard work. There are no short cuts. Those who take short cuts or want to achieve greatness for the wrong reasons, fall quickly. As was the case in Hitler, Napolean and president Nixon- all three had Saturn in the 10th.

One other suggestion is that one of the parents exerted an influence is shaping your life direction. It can be either father or mother and in some cases an adoptive parent. The need to achieve or the “hidden” desire to reach heights our parents did not is another quite common observation with a 10th house Saturn.

You can reach any goal you want if you set your mind to it- it is within you to grab that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. When women were not in the work force, they became the best housewives & mothers possible.

By the time Saturn conjoins Saturn, 29th of September 2008- you should will be very proud of yourself.

11th House Libra 9°32′58

Pluto Libra 17°29′54 in house 11 direct

Friendship that almost have a deja vu feeling. Powerful organizations within the community will play a role in your life from time to time. You would make an excellent group leader.

12th House Scorpio 4°37′39

Uranus Scorpio 17°25′28 in house 12 direct

Moon Scorpio 23°36′48 end of house 12 direct

Behind the scenes work, staying out of the lime light is the see-saw of opportunities. This means you may pull back from being in the public and work in a more private areas. This effect is off and on. A prominent female or family member could have retained much of her own dreams. Sometimes Moon in 12th indicates connections with a hospital or clinic- work or otherwise.

Thank you,

There is a wealth of information that has not even been written about from this astrological data- A session with an Astrologer usually takes 2-3 hours if the Natal chart & all the transits of the planets are factored. Usually it is 2 appointments. First to delineate the Natal and then to interpret the Transits, otherwise it is information overload.

[I hope you enjoy this study example &

if you have any Astrological feedback for Amanda please do not hesitate to comment.]

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