Astro House Associations of the Mystical Lenormand -house 10

In conclusion of the first 12 cards in the Mystical Lenormand deck that correspond to the Houses 1-12, are the final three cards are the Garden #20, Dog #18 and Cross #36.

There are 12 other cards with the planetary glyphs on them and another 12 with the astrological glyphs. For example, the 3 cards that are linked by associations to the Rising House #1 are as follows:

House 1- Bear #15. Aries- Stork #17. Mars- Gentleman #28. Look at these three cards to see if you can see the relationships between them.

click here to VIEW the complete 36 cards

House 10- the GARDEN #20 10-11-12-myst.jpg


House 11 – the DOG #18


House 12- the CROSS #36


House 10 – house of your reputation, ambitions, goals, social standing, a parent, career, achievements….

Card #20 has a captivating images of a park like setting. In the center is a round pond. At the front of the card we have 2 lion-dogs ( feng shui fu dogs) guarding the path into the garden. The female is always on the left and the male on the right to ensure protection. One of the meanings of the Park card is reputation and our position in society.

The background is filled with lots of activity in front of the gazebo. There is an exotic feel to this card. See how many symbols you can find.

The suggested meanings for the Garden cards are positive and promising even though it is an 8 of spades. Creativity is the key element within this card. Social functions, celebrations and get-togethers. Being given that pat on the back.

When describing a person this card represents a friendly, highly artistic, possibly temperamental individual, artist or musician.

Other things that come under the rulership of the Park card can be large organizations where the public meets- conventions, conferences, restaurants, bars, dance club, casinos, art gallery, baseball game etc.

The tie into the 10th house is perfect because of the focus on social standing. Rewards & recognition.

Coupled with the Book card #26, success in publishing or public acclaim for artistic achievements. A writer, journalist, reporter, even court house stenographer.


House 11 coming up……….after completing another little project I’m involved with.


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