Jupiter transits continued

House 7- benefits gained through the interaction with other people- relationships, partnerships. New experiences can be triggered and good unions established. Consultations and negotiations are highlighted. Joint activities are favored. A great time to get married.

House 8- joint money and any type of settlement shows promise of success. Additional resources are common. Improvements in sexual activity- Jupiter can take things to excess, too. Jupiter’s aspects to the natal planets need to be studied as well to see from which area these blessings come. Known as the house of death, there could be an increase in news of people passing away- people from foreign lands.

House 9- good time for personal growth through education, foreign travel and additional training/study. Opportunities arise for publishing, advertising and writing that could involve more cash flow. Health of a parent can improve if they are ill. The 6th house rules health and the 6th house from house 4 (a parent) is house 9. Jupiter is at home in house 9. If you have any planets in there at the time of your birth and they are in good condition (receiving no tough aspects) Jupiter will trigger these planets into more activation. A person can become more energetic (Mars) or more volatile.

Many things can be determined by studying your transits. You can find out information about other people that are close to you, especially siblings, children, parents etc.

House 10- people with resources to back them will assist you in your goals or ambitions. Rewards or finally being recognized in some aspect of your work are forthcoming. You may receive an award or get top prize for your ideas. Your reputation will flourish and everyone will want you around. Excellent for public speaking.

House 11- involvement in community affairs or group organizations will become important. Friendships play are prominent role at this time. Your dreams and hopes become expanded. It’s vital that you remain realistic so that you don’t get carried away like a kite in the wind.

House 12- development of inner strength and psychic awareness. Working through any guilt issues that weigh down on you. If Jupiter is not in good aspect during the transit of the 12 th house, your hang ups, fears and insecurities will expand. The job or health of your partner (6th house from house 7) will get better with a good chance of a raise or promotion or recovery. House 12 rules hospitals, educational institutions, jails, libraries- maybe they’ll get a job at one of these places or go there for another reason.

House 12 also shows the status of your brother or sister( 10th house from house3)- their career & reputation.

House 12 shows if your son or daughter will be granted that loan (8th house from house 5)they are seeking or added revenue.

House 12th can point to a co-workers marriage(7th house from house 6) or partnership.

When you study 2 or 3 charts of people close to you, as in relatives you find an amazing discovery of information being confirmed in all the charts.

It is important to remember that even though Jupiter is a godsend in a chart, it must make good aspect with the rest of the planets. If it is receiving a conflicting one from a planet that is slow moving, the energy of Jupiter is slowed too. There is an enormous amount of other factors involved but knowing that Jupiter is approaching a certain house in your chart is generally a good omen.

Jupiter’s transit last approximately 1 year, depending on the size of your house. People with intercepted houses will experience the transit much longer – lucky them.

Jupiter enters Capricorn Dec 19, 2007. Do you know which house is Capricorn in your chart. On thing I should mention, you can have 2 signs in the same house depending on the degree of the cusp (determined by an exact time of birth). For example. If your Rising sign (house 1) is at 25 degrees Sagittarius , your Jupiter transit hasn’t arrived yet but you will start to feel it when it is about 17 or 18 degrees Sag. In that same Rising sign you will have a good part of Capricorn as well. For you (using the example), just because Jupiter will transit into another sign, Capricorn in December, you will still experience it because it is still in your 1st house. Each sign is 30 degrees. Each house varies.

FYI: if you want to know more about your past life….. and that’s another post altogether

…..read house 12 as your 1st house, house 11 as your 2nd, house 10 as your 3rd, house 9 as your 4th, house 8 as your 5th,

house 7 as your 6th….house 6 as your 7th

…. house 5 as your 8th, house 4 as your 9th, house 3 as your 10th, house 2 as your 11th and house 1 as your 12th.

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