Jupiter in Sagittarius

Right now Jupiter is about 11 degrees Sagittarius, which means it is almost half way through it’s transit through the Sign. The Jupiter transits are always something to look forward to because of the positive energy. Jupiter is the planet of expansion whereas Saturn is the opposite.

The 9th house comes under the ruler-ship of Jupiter. When it transit a house in your Natal chart, it will bring associations of the 9th house which have been covered in detail in another post. Before Neptune was discovered Pisces was ruled by Jupiter.

Some keywords are: expansion, exaggeration, enlargement, good fortune, wealth, growth, fun loving, to name a few.

When Jupiter transits the house these are some possibilities. Much is dependent on the state of that house by birth. For example, you will not achieve great wealth or financial abundance if your 2nd house is receiving ill aspects at the time of birth. You may receive some relief but nothing substantial. If you 2nd house is in great condition, then you can expect a very noticeable growth of incoming monies or assets (things you value).

Just briefly through the Astrological houses:

House 1- can create the probability of weight gain. Overindulgence is common. The outer personality is more outgoing and cheerful. Sometimes too optimistic. Lots of thinking going on – astral projections.

House 2- suggest major increases in what you value, money, assets etc. In some cases it may expand debt as well because you will be tempted to go on a spending spree. Money can be spent on education (9th house) publishing, spiritual or cultural interests.

House 3- excellent for all types of communication and short distant travel. Relationships with sibling improve. An increase in paperwork. “Electrical gadgets” like equipment, machinery will be more than abundant.

House 4- developing an interest in history or your roots. You may move into a larger home or apartment. Most real estate transactions are successful. Those who make a living off the land will prosper.

House 5- an over zealous need for fun, love, playing, sports and games of chance. Hobbies occupy more time than usual, romance will be on an upswing, relationships with children are excellent.

House 6- expansion of work and responsibilities. Additional training or upgrading. You may get a new pet. Health improvements if there are no stress aspects.

zzz (yawn) to be continued.

4 thoughts on “Jupiter in Sagittarius

  1. I’ve got to find my natal chart. It’s somewhere on this infernal machine.

    I have a hundred questions now. Can you recommend a book that I could use to begin understanding astrology better?

  2. Hello,
    I would highly recommend that to go to the following link- there you will receive a complete natal (interpretation) report for free.

    There are many wonderful books on the market, but I always refer back to the hard cover textbook called “The Astrologer’s Handbook”, written by Frances Sakoian and Louis S. Acker. I have the first printing of this book from 1973 because that is when I became involved in the lengthy advanced studies of Astrology given by Rev. Eugene H. Adams from New York.

    Even though this information may be 34 years old- it provides you with a core understanding without getting too technical. Nothing has really changed. The planets are still in the sky and they still rule the same signs & houses.

    I found a newer paperback printing at

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