Petit Lenormand by Grimaud-#19 tower

I was drawn to the Petit Lenormand deck consisting of 36 cards plus 1 card with an image of Mlle Lenormand.In the is deck the cards with the white background are negative- there are 16 of them. Most of the diamonds, 1 club and all the spades. The cards with the pink background are good or positive influences- there are 20 of them. Most of the clubs, some diamonds, no spades and all the hearts.There are 16 white/negative cardsMost of the diamonds6 of diamonds, 2. clover7 of diamonds, 12. birds8 of diamonds, 33. key9 of diamonds, 8. coffinJack of diamonds, 10. scytheQueen of diamonds, 22. pathOne Club- 6 of clubs, 36. crossAll the spadesAce, 29. ladyKing, 30. lilyQueen, 9. bouquetJack, 13. child10, 3. ship9, 35. anchor8. 20. garden7. 27. letter6, 19. tower

I selected card #19, the tower.petit-tower.jpgThis is the 6 of spades.

I don’t know a heck of a lot about all the varieties of flowers in the world and I read somewhere the Madame was quite versed with all the species that she depicts on her Grand & Petit Jeu de Mlle Lenormand by Grimaud.It is certainly evident that there are scenes from the 1700’s which will capture the world from her perspective. The suggested meanings of this card are ” deceit, fickleness, unfortunate events” which is depicted by the scene of the wooden horse. The man on the horse on the bottom right of the cards suggests ” stern, self-discipline, necessity for victory”. Other suggestions are “quarrel and separation”.

The scene on the bottom left of the card show a person in bed, perhaps injured in battle with another individual kneeling beside the bed. Maybe the person is dying from the wounds sustained in battle, thus would lead to a separation. A parting of the ways from the physical plane to the hereafter realms.

Traditionally the tower card does mean separation, divorce, estrangement and castle like buildings, ie: high rises or other very large institutions- hospitals, libraries, schools.

Also many Lenormand readers suggest the card means a long life.

After studying this Grimaud image I got the feeling that preparation was important. To think through any actions a person may take so as not to get hurt. Not to fight the big guy or organization, alone.Castles can suggest safety. To defend ones position, to defend another. I suppose the highest accomplishment in those days was to conquer a castle- the empire.

People in authority are depicted by #19. When you hold yourself as “mightier than though” you become unapproachable and create a distance that does not enable bonding.How high up the ladder do you want to go and what are you prepared to do to get there?

Some common combinations to think about.

with Scythe= possibility of surgery especially if the Tree card is in close proximity. Surgery can save lives, it is not always a bad thing.

with Book= a building such as a school, library, court house and if the Letter card is near= filing documents, filling out forms or applications and dropping them off

with Bear= very common combo, a bank, a person in a financial institution. Can also mean separation from one’s father

with Moon= a clinic for the emotionally handicapped

with Anchor= changes at the workplace, getting a job that has an office in a tall building.

With the Book close by – going to a college or university.

The possible combination meanings are only limited by your imagination. Of course it is important to remember that it all has to blend and make sense- a theme or topic. Some of the scene in this deck do not reflect the meanings that are usually given to the cards.

For example in card #20 Garden, there is a scene with a person (and it looks like a female) been drawn by her feet behind a chariot- another image has a grieving woman in front of a plot statue in a cemetery, the other image is a skull with cross bones. This is not in keeping with the traditional positive meanings of the garden card.When there are too many meanings and lack of consistency – the person learning the cards could lose interest.

But so it is with oracles & sibillas.

The Tarot is not like that and is grounded in longevity of symbolism. And maybe that’s not a good thing either because things become rigid like good ol’ Saturn.

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