Astro House Associations of the Mystical Lenormand -house 7,8,9


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House 9- the SHIP #3

House 8 – the COFFIN #8

House 7 – the HEART # 7

House 7– house of your partner, significant other, marriage, relationships, close personal relationships with others, bonds, legal affairs, contracts and agreements- business.

In the image we see a large red heart surrounded by burning yellowish flames. There are 2 green pears at the bottom right of the card. A man & woman stand in their birthday suits (private parts covered) under the bulging red heart. The animals in the scene however are not in pairs but an interesting assortment. Two trees on each side of the card. The naked blond woman holds something in her hand. Is she giving it to the man or did he give it to her. Is it the apple from the Garden of Eden story? In Asian symbolism, one pear is never shared between two lovers- it represents separation. Luckily there are 2 , one for each of them. Did you know that a pear tree only produces pears every two years? Could this card suggest 2-4 years?

The suggested meanings for the HEART card are closely tied into the 7th house associations with regards to relationships based on love or business connections. Traditionally this card represent the love department, emotional bonding with another.

When the Heart card is found in another house if you are doing an Astrological wheel layout, that means Venus is adding her influence. Venus rules the 7th house of Libra. For example, when found in house 6, you could find a job you absolutely love or meet a person through your job that you end of having a relationship with.

The Heart card promises harmony within a union, unless disturbed by cards such as the Scythe, Coffin, Snake to name a few.

House 8– house of

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