Saturn has arrived in Virgo

The energy of Saturn’s shift has been felt for several months already.
How will Saturn’s influence affect you? For the next two and half years Saturn will be playing hard ball with Virgos as well as Pisceans. Why Pisces, because it is the opposite sign and when you have an opposition in Astrology it is a tug off war. Something has to be given up. Squares are tough aspects too but are more manageable. Oppositions pull at you until you snap. Saturn in opposition to the Sun (Pisces) is not exactly a stress free transit. And neither Saturn conjunct the Sun (Virgo). The Sun is the life force and Saturn is the wet blanket, some Pisceans may experience low physical vitality. Whereas some Virgos will feel a heavy monkey on their backs.

I am writing only in general terms because the entire Natal chart has to be studied as well as the houses that occupy these sign and planets. Saturn is not a fun loving planet, it is serious and means business. Being situated in Virgo now, issue from the 6th house will come into focus. Work habits, health, service and small animals. Domestic animals are dependent on you for food, shelter and attention.

On a larger scale, Saturn in Virgo will suggest people not being able to work as a group, community or team. There may be difficulties will small businesses not wanting to sell to the larger organizations. Many little businesses will be born, people wanting to work for themselves, people finding specialty fields that more than likely will be health related or even connected to small animals.

Worry and fret will be the pulse. Sounds like a lot of doom and gloom, lol but really it isn’t, maybe we all have been screwing around too much and not really looking at what is happening with our world, our health, our air, our food, things we value, money, assets etc.

Business will pick up in anything to do with providing a service related to well being. People will get more serious about how they are going to heal and treat their bodies. I think there will be many people becoming ill, the baby boomers are getting older and with that comes new types of health setback that were not so common 20-30 years ago.

OPPOSITION (virgo-pisces): traditionally Saturn rules the father, authoritative figure, boss or leaders or an organization. For Piscean people there could be issues with any of these. There seems to be additional responsibility indicated. Since Saturn rules bones, problems with the teeth or in particular the knees could come to pass. Lack of humor and a more serious outlook on life could occur.

CONJUNCTION: (virgo-virgo) more self-discipline is indicated. More hard work, possible limiting ambitions but nevertheless eventual fulfillment. Difficulty in expressing oneself. Some Virgo people will adopt an all work no play attitude which will stifle their wonderful sense of humor. The decrease in energy is another possibility but to the same degree as the Pisceans.

When you go on-line and read your horoscope, you need to remember it is Sun Sign Astrology and yes some of it will apply but to really understand any transits your own Natal chart will give you more accurate information.

I wrote an earlier post about Saturn in the 9th house. This will affect some of you that have a Sagittarius rising sign but only if you have an intercepted house. If you don’t, Saturn will transit your 10th house, career/social standing/goals/career/reputation. If your rising sign is Capricorn with no intercepted house, then your 9th house is getting hit.

Let’s talk about the 9th house. What comes under this ruler-ship? This house represents many things as some of the other houses of life especially house 3 and house 5. Here we have religion, philosophy, legal system & laws, higher learning, long distance travel, spirituality , teaching, publishing professions. And that is a lot of departments of life.

Systems of spiritual and religious interests will be tested for their practical worth. Yes we will be asking questions and demanding answers. Your faith will be tested when Saturn transits your natal 9th house. You are going to wonder why you didn’t finish high school or why you dropped out of college. Maybe you had hardships when you were younger and now you may take those night classes, on-line courses or even go back to school full time.

If you think you will be running off on that vacation like you always did. Guess again. Unless you learn something from your trip or take something with you to do, the travel experience will not be a bundle of joy as in the past years. Saturn’s energy puts a stop to that. Businesses involving teaching or publishing may touch your life in a positive way and if so- please remember to read the fine print and that you do it all legally without skipping any steps.

The other thing to consider is if you have natal planets in the 9th and how Saturn’s influence will help or hinder those. If an erratic planet is in there then Saturn will stabilize it. For example, Mars is in the 9th house. One planet restricts and the other one is fueled for action. There will be intense emotional activity. Now this is good if you are in sports or pump iron because you can burn off the energy.

Anyways that is only a tiny part of the delineation which can be modified one way to the other when everything is factored from the entire Astrological chart.

9 thoughts on “Saturn has arrived in Virgo

  1. Hi,
    It’ll be a great roller coaster ride, hold on to your britches. If you have no intercepted signs then Saturn should be nearing your 10th house of accomplishment & goals when you are a Sagittarius rising, depends on the degree of the cusp.

    (President Nixon, Hitler and Napolean had Saturn in the 10th house by birth. Great achievements and just as great defeats)

    The 10th house represents the reaping time from what was sown 12-14 years ago. It’s a time of work and quite possibly more responsibility…a deeper look into the self- questioning directions and achievements. The remainder of the chart has to be considered as well- and this is vital.

    With a Pisces moon, Saturn’s influence is good because the moon fluctuates as does the Pisces energy. For example, Saturn is like a tall clear glass and Pisces moon is the water within- it is contained and not flowing like water out of a tap.

    The Virgo Sun people will have tremendous focus and superb organizational skills in whatever they do. One of the characteristics of Sun-Saturn conjunction is melancholy but if you are kept busy then there is no time to dwell on those emotions.

    Think back to 1977-1980- how did you feel and think, where were you, who was around you, did you know yourself. You will experience something similar but with a more mature perceptions.

    For me, I like to understand why I feel a certain way or why certain events are happening in my life. Astrology explains many things. It is believed that we write our own birth charts before we enter this earth dimension, lessons for the soul. I have mixed feelings about this concept.

    I have studied my own chart quite thoroughly, even my past lives which can be determined in the Natal chart and some of the stuff really makes sense- and the answers fit.

    It will be interesting for sure, but not boring. Hope that helps shed a little more light on it. sq.

  2. 1. How does this affect people with Saturn in Virgo in their natal charts. For example, I turned 30 this year (yikes!), thus my saturn in leo just ended…and the past two years have been a lot of being in limbo. Did I waste my Saturn return? What does this pose for those now just entering their Sat. return?

    2. Can you clarify how this will affect those with heavy Pisces’ influence (sun, rising, moon) in terms of dealing with authority figures?
    Thank you so much!

  3. Hello Willow,
    I’m glad the info shed some different light. I am going to post more on Saturn, in fact I am going to start a separate category on the planet. My own interest in this planet is significant because good old Saturn has taught me many a kick-in-the-a** lessons, lol, because of his position in my chart. sq

  4. Hi
    I have been doing some research on Saturn in Virgo, to find mix reviews. My natal chart states that my Saturn is in Virgo in the 10th house. I am also Virgo Sun, with Scorpio rising. I found the transition at first was a bit hard but now it has become much easier. I recently was hired after 3 years of being a house wife. I believe the Saturn had some helping in finding a Job so quickly. But I am also wondering how this will effect me in the long run? I am only 28 years old and don’t have much of a past for Saturn to catch up with me on. So if you could explain in some what small degree how would this Saturn in Virgo effect a Saturn in Virgo.

  5. Hi Amanda,
    Thank you for your comment. I will post an entry as my reply to your question because I think it is an important topic. You are n the midst of your 1st Saturn return, which is considered a major transit by most Astrologers. I want to study the possible meanings of Saturn transiting your 10th house. Do you happen to know the placement of your natal Moon, Mars & Jupiter? Do you know the cusp degree of your 10th & 11th house. Knowing this information will reveal a time frame for you for this transit. This additional information would be helpful because to just target Saturn by itself is taking the transit out of context.

    To go back to work after being away from the work force for 3 years- is a common under Saturn’s transit. Being born with Saturn in the 10th also means much can be accomplished in career direction if one choses to.
    I will wait until you reply before I post. SQ

  6. I will be posting my placements below. I would love to what you have to say about my chart in this 1st Saturn return.

    Sun Virgo 5°47’20 end of house 9 direct
    Moon Scorpio 23°36’48 end of house 12 direct
    Mercury Leo 22°12’22 in house 9 direct
    Venus Virgo 6°56’30 end of house 9 direct
    Mars Cancer 13°48’26 in house 8 direct
    Jupiter Leo 23°36’26 in house 9 direct
    Saturn Virgo 15°46’21 in house 10 direct
    Uranus Scorpio 17°25’28 in house 12 direct
    Neptune Sagittarius 17°43’23 in house 1 stationary (D)
    Pluto Libra 17°29’54 in house 11 direct
    True Node Virgo 8°28’23 in house 10 direct
    Ascendant Scorpio 25°18’44
    2nd House Sagittarius 26°01’37
    3rd House Aquarius 1°44’24
    Imum Coeli Pisces 8°11’01
    5th House Aries 9°32’58
    6th House Taurus 4°37’39
    Descendant Taurus 25°18’44
    8th House Gemini 26°01’37
    9th House Leo 1°44’24
    Medium Coeli Virgo 8°11’01
    11th House Libra 9°32’58
    12th House Scorpio 4°37’39

    Thank you,

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