#18 Dog


DOG- friendship, help, steadiness, dependability, reliable, trust, need, love, loyalty, faithfulness, playful. All those wonderful adjectives.

When the Dog card is surrounded or near good cards you can be sure that there is someone there you can count on.
When the Dog is accompanied by bad cards it suggests one of your immediate entourage will not be there for you in your time of need. In fact, it is a warning to withhold any personal information that can be used against you to tarnish your reputation.

Coupled with:
dog + ship= a friend goes on a trip
ship + dog= pending arrival of a friend

dog + scythe= sudden ending in a friendship
scythe + dog= a friend that has undergone a loss

dog + tree= lifelong friendship- friends forever
tree + dog= illness around a friend

dog + letter= news about a friend
letter + dog= news from a friend

dog + snake= a witty friend, intelligent
snake + dog= betrayal within a friendship

dog + moon= moody & anxious person
moon + dog= friend from your past

dog + key= a friend with a solution
key + dog= a successful friend

French & Russian

Couplé à :
le chien + le bateau = un ami part en voyage
bateau + chien = en attendant l’arrivée d’un ami

chien + faux = fin soudaine dans une amitié
faux + chien = un ami qui a subi une perte

chien + arbre = amis perpétuels d’amitié pour toujours
arbre + chien = maladie autour d’un ami

chien + lettre = nouvelles au sujet d’un ami
lettre + chien = nouvelles d’un ami

chien + serpent = un ami plein d’esprit, intelligent
serpent + chien = trahison dans une amitié

chien + lune = personne déprimée et impatiente
lune + chien = ami de votre passé

chien + clef = un ami avec une solution
clef + chien = un ami réussi

Вместе с:

судно собаки = друг продолжается поездка
собака судна = надвигающееся прибытие друга

коса собаки = внезапное окончание в дружбе
собака косы = друг, который подвергся потере

дерево собаки = пожизненная дружба – друзья навсегда
собака дерева = болезнь вокруг друга

письмо собаки = новости о друге
собака письма = новости от друга

змея собаки = остроумный друг, интеллектуальный
собака змеи = предательство в пределах дружбы

луна собаки = капризный и беспокоящийся человек
лунная собака = друг от вашего прошлого

ключ собаки = друг с решением
ключевая собака = успешный друг

9 thoughts on “#18 Dog

  1. hi Seaqueen,
    was looking for somewhere to leave a quick note and happened on the dog – yeah, dogs are something else!
    I left you with ‘whatever’ as my response to your comment (quoting me) that anything can operate as a decoder, therefore why Rainring rather than goat entrails or anything else.
    Just to let you know that I’m still meditating on it. When I know what I have to say about it, I’ll let you know!

    P.S. if you want a break from your own blog anytime, you can always check me out at http://94stranger.wordpress.com and see what gives

    take care

  2. Hello Peter,
    Good to hear from you.
    Thank you for the blog-link. I’m glad you started it because finally you can share your knowledge about the Rainring card system. I have already ventured to the blog and read some of your magnificent posts and very, very interesting comments from other people.
    I have not studied “your system” of reading the Rainring cards to any great degree. They do intrigue me though (still).

    I do not operate from within “boxes of instructional meanings” but I agree with you that some people need these instructional guideposts. Before you post your answer about the decoder topic, please remember that it’s not all about why or why not your Rainring cards are better than let’s say “a bag of popcorn”- it is about how the cards can help a person understand themselves on all levels.

  3. SQ
    of course you are right – it’s not so much a question of creating a league table – God forbid, but of trying to understand a basic principle: since all these things have a similar function, how to categorise the DIFFERENT element that each provides?
    Since this exchange seems to be being conducted under the aegis of the dog, as it were, perhaps the spirit of that noble being can provide some relevant insights. Any bright ideas?

  4. Hi SQ,
    Thanks for that – sounds good. I’m going to do some heavy cogitation over the next couple of days – I hope you’ll come by and comment on the results: I have to confess that I function better when I’m dialoguing than when I’m addressing cyberspace, which – at least in the case of my blog at present – seems quite often to be devoid of human life!

  5. Hi Madame SeaQueen-
    It’s been awhile for all of us in the blogging world! I’m trying hard to get back to posting a few times a week if possible!
    I just did a Trigger Layout (which I posted) in which the Dog came up.

    I had the combo of Bear+Dog. It comes up alot to indicate my financial trader friend.
    But it also could refer to an overbearing friend, or an overweight friend, or a wealthy friend 🙂

    Just stumbled across your updated Lenormand meanings and combos today- I will be happily going through them to contemplate combination meanings.

    I have noticed some dialogues between 94stranger and you here- I think their cards are beautiful, and plan on acquiring them sometime this Spring.

    Happy Easter SQ~


    Spiritsong (Spirity)

  6. Hello Spiritsong,

    Good to hear from you. Thank you for using the Simple Trigger layout on your blog. I really do find this layout very informative not only with the Lenormand style decks /other oracles but the Tarot as well.

    I enjoy the full board readings but sometimes less cards are better when specific questions or themes are desired.

    I was dialoguing with 94stranger quite often prior to his new ventures with the website he has now. We all seem to being taking different directions which puts the blogging on a back seat (temporarily, of course.

    Bear + Dog = yes I see this as an overbearing individual too. I have always read Bear to mean powerful energy to the point of being a bully in some cases. Of course other readers of the Lenormand cards have challenged my idea of this. It all depends on what works for the person doing the reading.

    I am a strong believer in no one’s system. lol. The Lenormand cards should not be limited by boundaries of those who think they are experts. It is a great gestures that authors offer information but the core meanings, etc. belong to the great Madame Lenormand. The extended versions belong to us; you, me and everyone else who uses their intuition to blend combinations.

    Thanks for keeping in touch.

    Madame Seaqueen

    • I am in total agreement with you!
      I came to the Lenormand thanks to Sylvie and learned a great deal from her. It has definitely made a great base of knowledge for me. And as she pointed out many times to me, the more I worked with the cards, other meanings would come to me – which is exactly what’s happened. I have had the opportunity to peruse other people’s thoughts/systems, but now I’m finding that I have my own 🙂

      The cards really do speak to you and reveal their special meanings that might only apply to your mind, and not another’s! lol
      I enjoy seeing others thoughts on the cards, but stay pretty true to what my personal language is…

      Love your trigger layout!
      ps- I have just obtained a Shustah deck to explore, and broke down and ordered the book. What a beautiful deck- I hope to see more writing from you on these cards, I enjoy your take.

      Best Wishes,


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