LOVE card

[Love, Amore, Ljubav, Liebe, Szerelem, Liefde, Amour, Amor]

The image in the Gipsy deck (on the left) shows cupid just firing off a bow. The image on the right (Art Deco) shows cupid contemplating whether to shoot the arrows of love or not. The couple in the background appears to be together for now. I think the LOVE card covers such a wide range of meanings that it could easily be misunderstood by the novice reader. love.jpg

We are all not practical minded card practitioners. It depends on your Astrological make up & core personality. Me – I associate most experiences as an extension of love. You may not. You may see everything as an extension of financial worth. Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

In both decks, cupid is naked… with the private areas concealed. This suggests the love is not totally of pure state, aspects of it are still hidden or to be discovered. The indication is the beginning stages of emotional hooking.

Traditionally, these cards represent the emotional and sentimental arena of life. Yes, it denotes the emotion of love. The love of someone or something. It rules feelings. In order to truly love, you must allow yourself to feel and experience the energy. It is believed by many that “hatred” is the opposite of “love”. This in fact is not true. If you feel hate, you are still experiencing an emotion and it is an aspect of the love. To be indifferent- lack of emotional reaction is to experience the opposite of love.

The cards surrounding the LOVE card will describe a situation or person that extracts the emotion of love. In actuality, love is a state of mind. It all starts there and certain hormones are released throughout the body to cause changes within which put you in an altered state- as in being on cloud 9. The degrees of Love vary. From passionate, chemically induced love to a calm knowing that you care about someone or something.

When a reading is done with the intention of knowing more about a relationship, the LOVE card will provide you with the information whether there will be a successful long term bond, or whether the person in question reciprocates the feeling.

In business questions, the LOVE card can suggest securing a position you are highly fond of or had you heart set on.

In money questions, this card will reveal your level of happiness associated with financial progress. It can hint at greed or an unhealthy approach to the Almighty dollar.

A few combinations

BABY = the love of a child, a new love coming into your life

WIDOW, WIDOWER = loss of loved one

GIFT= arrival of a loved one

PRISON= love addict or in a co-dependent relationship

PRIDE= self centered, narcissistic

THIEF= warning not to get emotionally involved too quickly

MARRIAGE= good omen for a wedding

OFFICER= an affair

PROFIT= love of gambling, love of winning

The LOVE card is usually read in conjunction with relationship issues to determine the opportunities and challenges involved. The card will also denote the depth of attachment to a situation or person as well. The love of a pet, a movie, an adventure etc.

The Lenormand HEART #24 is closely associated to the Zigeuener & Art Deco and many of the other Sibilla oracles cards. Love is Love.

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