Example- full board Pairs layout

The reading is for a middle aged female acquaintance represented by the Sweetheart card who is facing a major financial transition. She does not have a significant other which is usually depicted by the Lover card. I will assign the Lover card to a male family member. It could be her son or son-in-law.

For the simplicity of keywords, using the Layout in Pairs, I will use the True Legends -Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten from PIATNIK.


The Center Column


The center cards reveal an unhappy state of mind because she needs to make a significant decision regarding her present circumstance. She is receiving inappropriate advice. She may need to see her doctor to discuss the stress she is feeling at this time. Judge & Ecclesiastic

Many readers do not attempt a full board layout because of the complexity of blending. I think reading by pairs is much easier and a good way to learn. Any deck of cards can be done this way.

Cards 1 & 36- Journey, Loss

This duo suggests some travel which will not be beneficial, a wasted short trip.

Cards 9 & 28- Constancy, Widower

This duo suggests conversations with an older male that brings no change.

These 4 cards indicate that an appointment of some sort with a male who is seasoned with experience will not bring her the results she wants.

Cards 2 & 35- Fortune, Visit

This duo suggests receiving a gift or benefit from an unexpected source.

Cards 8 & 29- Jealousy, Message

This duo suggests receiving information or notification that will test her emotional state.

These 4 cards indicate part of her solution to the problem will come through a meeting with a woman. The Jealousy card is not necessarily about envy, it does represent a female with reddish hair.

Cards 3 & 34- Love, Baby

This duo suggests a new discovery or new development with promise.

Cards 7 & 30- Unexpected Joy, Enemy

This duo suggests her happiness will come from a person or situation that initially was not in her best interest.

These 4 cards suggests she will find herself in rewarding new phase of development. She will overcome the challenge.

Cards 4 & 33- Marriage, Officer

This duo suggests a commitment involving legal dealings. A man will make a serious recommendation.

Cards 6 & 31- Misfortune, Malady

This duo suggests news of someones failing health or the deepening of worry through more “bad” luck.

These 4 cards indicate a great possibility an unexpected turn of events that will involve her health condition over and above the financial difficulties. The worry is causing her to become physically drained and her energy level is low. This is understandable under the circumstances.

The reading of the cards so far is very brief, there is much more information that can be ascertained. I am doing a very short summary of the cards merely to demonstrate the layout.

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