Art deco Young Man


Piatnik Art Deco fortune telling cards

[jeune homme, junger Mann, giovane, hombre joven, mladic, signorino, ifju ur]

The presence of the young man card is similar to the Tarot PAGES. He is the messenger found in all types of life situations. He can represent a young man who is attending an educational institution as a student or even a facilitator of workshops through a college or university. Sometimes he can be found in sports as the rookie team member.

He is your buddy, son, brother, nephew, grandson etc. The essence of this card is generally a good and sheds a light-hearted influence to the surrounding cards. The approach will be open-minded and upbeat.When the cards around him are positive or promising, he will be a good friend that will introduce you to beneficial contacts or situations. Through him come many invitations for having fun.When the cards surrounding him are negative in nature or pointing to a tough time, he will be the cause of problems for you. Basically a good natured personality but easily swayed and influenced. He is not street wise.

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