Full 36 board in Pairs.

Here is another quick way to read the full 36 board using the Lenormand, Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten or any other deck…even if it has more than 36 cards. This layout won’t work on 32 cards however you can alway do 8 cards across, 4 rows down in the same manner. There will be no center column to represent the current/present time but it is do-able. I tried this layout with the Biedermeir deck and was pleased with the amount of information that was revealed.

The image is color coded to demonstrate the verbal instructions below.


I use this method often when I don’t want to do a full board reading that is based on the location of the Significator card, Lady or Gentleman ( Sweetheart, Lover). When you read the cards this way, most of the reading is future oriented, with the exception of the card falling with the Lady or Gentleman.

How to do the layout.

Shuffle the cards your usual way. You can cut them and draw from the top or fan them out and pick one at a time- whatever feels right for you. For this large board, it may be easier just to draw from the top.

Lay the cards 9 across, 4 rows down as in the image.

Red numbers– Pick up cards 1 & 36, read them – set them off to the side face up in the same order. Pick up cards 9 & 28 and do the same thing. Let’s suppose now you have established 2 separate predictive meanings. These four cards are related to each other as well. See if you can blend the four cards and come up with a little paragraph about the 2 predictive meanings. Easy as that.

Go to the next cards Blue numbers, and so on to the Green, following the layout in the image. Don’t forget to leave card 5 where it is, as well as 14, 23, 32. This column is referred to often and needs to stay where it is.

All that is necessary is a few keywords & key phrases. Good chance your intuition will kick in as well. Do some brief recording either using a word processor or if you are like me, by handwritten notes.

Note: if the Lover card is coupled with the Thought card, the suggestion is the male getting the reading is mentally preoccupied. If you are a female, and those same cards are coupled that means your special man, partner etc has a lot on his mind. Look to the center column for expansion on the dilemma or situation.

After you have gone through all the cards, what remains is 1 column.

The center 4 cards (numbers in black) represent the current or present time. Cards 5 & 32 and 14 & 23.

1stay-tuned.jpgIn the next post I will demonstrate this layout.

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