Black 3, Green 1, Red 1

I wanted to share this reading because of the astonishing accuracy of the Shustah(c) deck.

My daughter wanted me to ask the Pages of Shustah a question early this morning. She has grown fond of these cards because for her they have hit the mark in past questions.

At first I was alarmed at the trio she drew. I did not know the nature of her question because she kept it to herself and told me she would tell me after I provide her with the guidance of these 3 particular cards. I did know she was to travel to another city (part of her new job responsibility) which was a good 1 1/2 hours drive.

Initially, looking at the cards I had the feeling that whatever was on her mind would not work out on a positive note unless of course what she wanted or was hoping for was a termination or ending of some kind.

More detailed information by Kapherus Art of Cartomancy blog –>Green 1 Candle & Red 1 Death
Rev. Foor’s Daily Shustah blog –>Black Gemini. & Here.

Gemini represents all things pertaining to the 3rd Astrological house. . Communication house. Your mind. How you retain information. The neighborhood & your environment. Your siblings, brother and/or sister. Transportation, short trips. Electrical equipment. News and information. Paperwork.
The candle is green energy suggesting progress or movement. It represents a developing situation but it does not reveal the result or outcome unless you factor the adjoining cards as well. You are suppose to meditate on the flame to see if it rises or is extinguished. I saw no change, this time.
The death angel is red energy suggesting a death or completion of a situation. When I see this card I see a “period” at the end of a sentence.


My answer to my young daughter was that her trip will probably be unproductive, as in no major sales. That is precisely what was on her mind because she is into sales and it wasn’t that hard to figure out.

As it turned out the cards were wrong on the sales question. She did in fact score some good ones.

In the meantime, a close neighborhood friend phoned her while she was still out of town and told my daughter her mother died and she would have to leave for San Francisco right after supper today. The neighbor asked if she would look after the mail and feed the cat for her until she got back.

The Shustah cards were accurate regarding the news my daughter received about a death even though she had work on her mind. Sometimes cards tell you what it is you are suppose to know. Looking over the cards again, the death involving the neighbor was plain as day. Another strange thing is the cat’s birthday is the first part of June, a Gemini.

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