Astro Court Cards- Kings

Starting with the Cardinal Houses & Signs. The Kings are the cornerstones of the Astrological wheel.

House 1, Aries, Fire- Wands- King of Clubs-

Sibillas Doctor, The protector, Art deco PHYSICIAN, Lenormand CLOUDS

A man who will protect you, come to your aid, provide the necessary services required and defend you.

He is the decision maker, initiates action, can be a relative to the family that his held in high esteem.

Aries has bursts of energy which dies down quickly, good at delegating and lightning quick comprehension.

In cases of emergencies this type of personality would take charge, such as a doctor, paramedic, fireman, security guard, even a business advisor etc.

House 4, Cancer, Water- Cups- King of Hearts-

Sibillas Good gentleman, The pensioner, Art Deco LORD, Lenormand HOUSE

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