#19 tower – Lenormand

The Tower card has neutral to negative energy.A number of traditional meanings have been assigned to it. One of the meanings is separation or a parting of ways. The other meaning is a very tall structure or building, even a person of great height.

When this card lays prominently in a reading it will indicate some challenges coming up that will deplete the energy of the person who is getting the reading done.

If it falls right next to the Lady or Gentleman cards, there is a warning of spending too much time alone and basically withdrawing from social activities. In some cases it will suggest a person who has just separated from another person or situation.

Another traditional meaning is- from the past. It can represent an ex husband as it is a male energy card.

Some simple combinations

  • with the Letter, a legal or formal notification
  • with the Cross, traumatizing split up
  • with the Birds, legal frets or worries
  • with the Mountain, monumental obstruction to a goal
  • with the Scythe, no reconciliation possible, the end for sure
  • with the House, a high rise hotel, court house

When I see the Tower in my layout I think of ego, unapproachable, unattainable. I try not to compare this card to the Tarot – not always easy because that is where my “rooting” comes from. I tend to read from my “gut feelings” and that is why I don’t stick rigidly to any meanings.

I find that it’s one thing to write about the cards & it is another thing to perform a reading with an audience.

You can be the greatest writer about cards or other specialities but that does not mean that you can perform & act according to your words. half-grin.jpg Essentially, we take on a different personae when we put on the hat of card diviner- we have to, for it is something greater than our personality/ego that will deliver the message.

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