Rev. LeRoy E. Zemke

I read a very interesting article by Rev. LeRoy Zemke about God.
I want to share the link with you TEMPLEOFTHELIVINGGOD.

In case you didn’t know, LeRoy Zemke was the President of Shustah Incorporated back in the 1970’s and is mentioned by Ann Manser/Cecil North in the accompanying Pages of Shustah book.

After reading the article, I stopped to think about how God does answer our prayers. But is it really God?
Rev. Zemke mentioned one of my all time favorite authors.(surpassing Wayne Dyer-sorry Dr. Dyer , you were my #1 for several decades) LeRoy Zemke expanded on Sheldrake’s morphic fields theory in an understandable manner & tells an amusing¬† story about God.

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