Simple 5 card layout- Shustah

Below is a simple 5 card layout to try out. For the purpose of this sample I will use the Pages of Shustah(c) but you can use any deck of cards. The layout is based on asking a specific question. It can be done when you just want to see what guidance the cards have for you, usually a subconscious desire or something that you should address.

Shuffle the cards in a way that is comfortable for you. You can cut them and spread them out face down and select 5 cards placing them side by side. I like to leave card 3 (the middle one) face down until I read cards 1 & 2, 4 & 5.


Card 1 is the basis on your question. The root or the category you are asking about like business, love, money, relationships etc.

Card 2 represents what you already know about your question, something that you have just gone through -similar to the recent past.

Card 3 can be read next or saved until the end. This is the unknown influences. These influences are not necessarily negative or bad all the time, they can be positive as well. When you don’t see a positive angle you can affect the result because like attracts like.

Card 4 is the guidance or advice of the cards. It is not necessarily an answer, yet but a hint at how to handle the situation, problem or desired outcome.

Card 5 will be the outcome or result. If this card is negative take another look at card 3 to see if it something you are doing or not doing. When the result card is positive, there is a good chance you have followed the advice of card 4 and also paid heed to card 3.

The question is about a change of job. In our Shustah example we have:

Card 1 – yellow 7, treasure. The basis of the question is the job. The treasure does represent material gifts and money is material and it comes from working at a job. The feeling of this card is also about self worth. What are you worth or how do you value yourself?

Card 2 – red 8, serpent. The serpent tells us that a situation has just occurred in the recent past involving quite possibly delusion. The delusion of wanting a change of job. Hopefully it doesn’t mean deluding oneself into thinking a job could be forthcoming. One of the meanings of the serpent is a card of warning & caution. What situation happened that would create such a negative influence.

Card 3- blue 8, celestial bees. This card is the pivot of the reading. It represents what you are not seeing. Is it the warning of the serpent? or winged winter? The celestial bees do suggest physical work, intellectual busyness. Is creativity lacking in the current job? Or will it be missing at the next job.

Card 4 – red 13, winged winter. The angel has her back towards us, she is not interested in our question. This card also represent the winter time. The advice or guidance of winged winter is that the change of job will only occur through one’s own effort. No one is listening and no one will go out of their way to help. This card is not the best card to have when faced with a change of career. Help and assistance is necessary. If you don’t even get an interview, how do you have a chance?

Card 5 – yellow 8, the gnomes. The last card is promising. It suggest working at something. There could be an element of surprise coming. Something could very well be kept hidden about the prospects of another job. The gnomes know something you don’t.

Notice the three 8’s. One of the meanings is strength & final preparations. The cards are balanced in color except there is no green energy meaning progress & growth.

After giving it some thought and studying the cards my focus is drawn back to the celestial bees. The feeling I get is that another idea will be factored into the equation about changing jobs. Like coming up with a better plan. Surrounded by 2 red cards the celestial bees suggest that a talent or skill is being overlooked. There is a strong indication that a change of job will happen but not in the way one thinks & definitely it will not be handed on a silver platter.

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