Question using Shustah (c)

For the study purpose of Susan’s question I will use the Pages of Shustah(c).

Question: Will Susan’s contract be extended at work?

bluegreengreen.jpg color theme BLUE (calm energy) GREEN, GREEN (active energy)

The BLUE STAR, GREEN LORD and GREEN OPEN DOOR are detailed by Kapherus on the Art of Cartomancy blog &

Rev Ken Foor explains these cards in a highly intuitive manner as well on his Daily Reading blog

Card #1 – BLUE 10 – The Stars

I am using the layout from Ann Manser & Cecil North that is included in the accompanying Shustah(c) book.

The first position is the premise of the reading. The basis or foundation is the question. The Stars card is full of promise and does suggest “favorable business”. But it must be remembered that is not the answer, just the energy surrounding the question. Even though there is a hint within the card of opportunities. The way I want to read this is that Susan’s attitude towards her job is healthy and she would reciprocate any rewards she received by working just as hard if not harder.

Card #2- GREEN 14 – Lord of Contemplation

The second position is the problem or situation. In this case we don’t really have a problem, it is more of a situational question. The Lord of Contemplation is one crazy looking dude. After meditating on this card for 15 minutes ( with the gent from Florida I met last week) I started to see the Lord’s face change into a goat and if you look carefully at his left hand (on your right facing you) you can see a hoof like shape. I immediately thought of Capricorn and the Pentacles suit of Tarot. I saw the King of Pentacles sitting patiently thinking about his next move. Capricorns do not rush into decisions. They study their options first and choose the one that will provide the best opportunity for advancement. There were many more notes I had written down about this card from the meditative circle I sat in.

In relation to Susan’s question this card to some degree represents her because the answer is not within her control and she does have to wait out the situation. In another aspect, this Lord represents her boss who is the person having to decide whether her contract will be extended. Again – the decision that is to be made will benefit the boss (& the company) first. If the answer is yes, Susan will also benefit. However, Susan can also benefit by working for someone else. The difference is she likes this position as depicted by the BLUE Stars card.

Card # 3 – GREEN 7 – The Open Door

The third position is the outcome or result of the question. The energy associated with the answer is hopeful and shows potential of materializing into a “yes”. With the open door is an opportunity for growth. Yes the door is open but the fence in the background points to a “controlled” environment. Perhaps the new contract will impinge on her creativity and not allow her room to grow thus boring & stifling her. Susan will have to decide when the time comes. I do think that she will be offered the renewal.

However, I do not get a 100% feeling that the contract will be renewed for sure by Susan. My feeling on it is that Susan has gone as far as she will with this company. By not accepting the contract she frees herself up to explore other pastures that lie outside the open door.

The fence can be a good omen because if we run wild with our goals without some kind of structure our energy becomes scattered. Also, I see Susan in the foreground (from the same angle as you are looking at the card) just about to take a step through the open door. The temptation is there.

My advise to Susan is to careful think over whether she really wants to renew her contract. Once she has answered that question truthfully to herself, I think that she will move on into another direction even if the contract renewal is offered to entice her.

just a thought…..if there is a huge gust of wind from the Lord of Contemplation…the door will slam shut


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