Playing Cards in a layout

If you want to try this layout use your own meanings or card meanings you have learned from other card readers.

Shuffle the entire deck of 52 cards, cut 3x and reassemble into 1 pile. Start with the SITUATION spot and place three cards. Continue across to the now spot & 3-4 weeks in the same manner.

The next card goes to the 3 month spot & the following card goes to the opportunities & challenges spot.

Then back to the 3 month spot and then to the opportunities & challenges spot.

You should have 2 cards left in your hand.

Place the second last card in the 3 months spot and finally the last card in the opportunities & challenges spot.

15 card layout using standard round playing cards


SITUATION: 9 CLUBS, 3 HEARTS, 4 HEARTS (black, red, red) bad good good -++

Business related, emotionally positive, emotionally positive

THE NOW SPOT: 2 DIAMONDS, 7 HEARTS, 6 HEARTS (red, red, red) good good good +++

Financially related, emotionally positive, emotionally positive

3-4 WEEKS: 10 CLUBS, QUEEN SPADES, 10 HEARTS (black, black, red) bad bad good –+

Business related, challenges or obstacles, emotionally positive

3 MONTHS: KING SPADES, 6 DIAMONDS, 6 SPADES (black, red, black) bad good bad -+-

Challenges or obstacles, financially related, challenges or obstacles

OPPORTUNITIES OR CHALLENGES: 8 CLUBS, 2 HEARTS, JACK SPADES (black, red, black) bad good bad -+-

Business related, emotionally positive, challenges or obstacles

I am not going to interpret each and every card in this post because it will be too lengthy

besides learning about cards should be fun

& not all about someone’s 1sam.jpgDOGMA arf arf arf

Groups of cards

2- 2= company, 2 red= a welcome guest

3- 0= lack of 3’s suggest withdrawal from social activities and working without a team

4-1= red, some structure, adherence to rules & guidelines but nothing too rigid

5- 0= lack of 5’s indicate that there will not be major upheavals or adjustments

6- 3= a party invitation, 2 red + 1 black= having a good time

7- 1= red, minor external influences during the 3 months

8- 1= black, total empowerment of energy is lessened

9- 1= black, one or two situations or problems are resolved in the time frame

10- 2 = a change, 1 black + 1 red= moderate change

J-1, Q-1, K-1 = black, black, black, people in general will not play a major role in the predictions within these 15 cards. There are 3 people who are not closely connected. The Jack will either be a blessing or hindrance, wing ends with him/her….. The Queen is not likely to be a family member and is the one going through the moderate change that end on a high note, wing ends in heart ….The King is also someone who is in a position of authority or leadership and his influence will end up as a challenge, wing ends in spade….



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