#34 Fish, King of Diamonds

34-fish.jpg #34 Fish, King of Diamonds

In the tradition of the Madame Lenormand interpretation of the #34 Fish card most Lenormand cartomancers (diviners of cards) will agree that the card’s primary meaning is money matters. The vast range of financial situations.

This card is usually about money coming in. A check (#27 letter), a windfall (#2 clover), inheritance (#8 coffin), as a gift (#9 bouquet) & certainly not limited to just those cards. When coupled with negative cards points to money spent ( #23 mouse), money stopped ( #10 scythe), money blocked (#21 mountain), financial change (#17 stork) etc.

The symbolism of the fish suggest fluid energy which is what money is – energy. It is important to circulate this energy by spending it and also by accepting the abundance it does represent. If you hold on tightly to things of tangible/financial value you block the flow of energy. This applies to information as well -In a simple ritual of attracting money to yourself, one of the key parts to the successful manifestation of this attraction is to generate flow. In your belief system, you must allow abundance by being open to it. Also, by giving money or things of value away (releasing it) you contribute to the cycle of flow. The fluid aspect will also indicate liquids of different types- water, alcohol etc.

When you use the King of Diamonds to represent a person connected to a situation, he will be a businessman or person with financial knowledge or have a level of great understanding to take charge.In ancient cartomancy, the King represents a fair haired man which includes blond, auburn, salt n pepper. He has been associated with the King of Wands of the Tarot. A fireball personality – an Aries ruled by Mars.

The start of the Spring time March 21st. Because of the Mars energy contained within the King of Diamonds he will have a short fuse and a quick temper. He likes to be in control which puts him in positions of command- an executive, a manager, an officer, tough boss, strict father, controlling husband.I think that people may be split on whether diamonds = wands or pentacles. A division for quite a few decades. In the ancient gypsy meanings the clubs point to money & financial matters more so than the diamonds. The more modern associations of the playing card meanings use Diamonds to represent the financial world.

Pick one system and master it before going on to another system because it will be discouraging when you find out all…the…other…meanings for each and every card.One of the older meanings for the King of Wands is the representation of marriage. The diamond King can adopt this suggested meaning as well when the specific questions relate to marriage. It will foretell success and the road leading to such. As always, the contributing cards modify meanings.

Don’t forget, the combinations do not always alter the meanings of the cards even though it appears that way.

The core meanings are just like your core personality- no matter how you are influenced by contributing situations


will always surface

For example: #34 Fish, #2 Clover, #10 Scythe my.jpg a financially related matter will be intensified with a stroke of unexpected or fast luck which ends in a sudden conclusion/ending. None of the 3 card’s meanings are really lost- they are blended. On another level, a fair haired man with a quick temper blows up fast and gets over it immediately. French Cartomancy image of cards is used to explain this sample reading.

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