Telling Fortunes with Cards (Dali poker)

Taking another look at the 3 playing cards from the last post using the Salvadore Dali poker deck – he is one of my favorite artists from way back when.

The 7 of Diamonds shows what looks like a female with her head down, while sitting in a chair. Above her in her “wish cloud” are pictures of ripe fruit etc). Salvadore Dali’s 7 of diamonds reflects the 7 of pentacles. Traditionally the card represents a waiting period for a situation to evolve or mature.

The 4 of Diamonds shows 3 trades people, 2 facing to the left and another individual with the back view only. In the background there is a resemblance of Buddha, with the lotus flowers. Traditionally a card of closed off chakras.

The Jack of Hearts displays a youth holding a very large chalice in his left hand (intuition), there is a vague image of a fish or bird on top of the cup. Traditionally a messenger carrying emotional news.

In the (NA) Dali poker deck dali.jpg, made in Spain(NEGSA)- the authentic replicas of the originals owned by DALART N.V.(c) Curacao, Dutch West Indies. Permission to make the replicas was granted 1984.

There are about 1/2 dozen really good systems to tell fortunes with (playing) cards. The problem is that there is a loss of continuity with the meanings because each author will assign his or her own belief system to their method. It is not really a problem but makes it more challenging to learn. I have studied most of the methods on the market as well as the ones that were the pioneers in this field.

What I have found is that it is important to allow yourself to “adopt” other meanings for the cards, after all, a card will mean anything you want it to mean- as long as you are consistent.

7 diamonds – we know that this card will have something to do with the financial or tangible field – what you can probably touch or at least see the outcome. We also know that “7” is also a mystical number. Seven is also an adjustment. By combining 7 + diamonds a meaning for this card has been born. Some readers assign good news to the 7 of diamonds. The adjustment can be good or bad news depends what is next to it.

….to be continued…

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