Will the cards reveal info about lost item?

A question came up today from a friend who lost her watch which was of great sentimental value to her.

It was fun to ask the cards to see if the watch would be returned or if she would find it.

I asked several different decks including the pages of Shustah(c), Tarot and playing cards.

The pages of Shustah(c)

red 9 weeping lady, green 6 pregnant mouse, black 14 card of self

The weeping lady shows my friend in her distressed state due to the recent loss of the watch. Her back is facing the next card, the pregnant mouse.
The pregnant mouse should expand the circumstances around the missing watch. There is loss shown in this card and also reflects her negative attitude about never finding the watch.
The card of self as the result of the question leads right back to the friend. In fact, she could find the watch because it is not a card of a definite “no” even though the other two cards suggest “no”. There is hope contained within this card.

Pages of Shustah say- maybe.

The Tarot

Ace of Pentacles, 9 of cups, Ace of Cups

The Ace of Pentacles does point to something of value and also a new “financial” situation.
The 9 of Cups indicates that her wish about the watch will come true- as in finding the watch.
The Ace of Cups points to her emotional happiness as the outcome. The Ace also represents the home environment and could hint at the watch being on the premises.
The 2 Aces suggest a surprise or unexpected solution to the question.

The Tarot says – yes.

The Regular Playing cards

7 of diamonds, 4 of diamonds, Jack of hearts

The 7 of diamonds suggests a change in a tangible or financial situation. The watch is tangible & has financial value.
The 4 of diamonds would be a financial organization. I read this card as a room connected to a financial situation, ie-bank office. She did visit 2 banking establishments that day she lost the watch. “4” also means organizing one’s time.
The Jack of Hearts shows either a young person belonging to the family or someone with good emotional news.

The Playing cards say – more than likely.

The watch has her energy embedded in it. It is 5 years old and has seen my friend through some challenges in her life. If a person where to have found it and kept it, some of that energy would be transferred to the new owner.

As a sign or symbolism: losing a watch can indicate that her relationship with the “giver(s)” of the watch will endure a significant change & that time has run out in a specific area related to the “giver(s)”. Perhaps she is having issues in this regard & subconsciously and forgetfully misplaced it to warrant attention from the “giver(s)”.

2 thoughts on “Will the cards reveal info about lost item?

  1. The pregnant mouse also refers to timing, in that it when the time is right, it will manifest. One can see that there is relationship with the 2 mice. The cactus shows the thorny or prickly background.

    The Self also says to look at the big picture. It also shows timing as the circles are broken into 12 sectors like the zodiac.

    Well done.

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