La Chalupa loteria cards

If you have not had a chance

to see the images of the La Chalupa cards

I have enclosed a link that will take you to a website

where you can see 6 DIFFERENT DECKS one by one.

click here ————————-> “Elsewhere” website GALLERY

  • I have the Don Clemente, Inc., Series 1 deck & agree with the write up about the quality of this deck. It is not plastic coated.
  • 2 thoughts on “La Chalupa loteria cards

    1. Hi Mere T.
      Thanks for your comment and popping in to the Ask my Cards blog. I love the La Chalupa loteria cards. I don’t play the game but I do use them on occasion to meditate on.
      Are you going to “read” this deck like the Tarot?
      Madame Seaqueen.

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