thief + officer


The two cards, thief + officer combined can have several meanings in a reading.

One of the meanings of Officer is a love interest, when coupled with the Thief card the suggestion is that the man depicted by the Officer is a con artist.

The other meaning of the Officer would be a man in uniform representing someone in an occupation that requires a dress code. Near the thief, corruption of character is indicated.

And yet another meaning for the Officer is professional matters where the uniform is not necessarily the attire. Close to the Thief card there is a high probability of loss, rejection or underhandedness.

I may have mentioned this before when talking about the Thief card in a previous post, this card suggest stealing something away from another individual. If the Officer is taken to be a lover (lothario) or one night stand – what is stolen is the person’s heart or body temporarily because the Officer card never stays around very long – he moves on.

The possibility of an undercover policeman or detective is an obvious combination but your reading should have other evidence of this situation.

Looking at the Thief card- the image portrays a man in the act of going through a window with a huge beam of light coming from the flashlight. He is calling attention to himself and would certainly be noticed. The officer looks like a cocky individual with hand on hip – a sign of a show off. Both cards hint at “look at me”.

Further study of these two cards one gets the feeling that the Officer is in the spotlight for something and an aspect of himself or one of his actions has been revealed for everyone to see. He has been exposed.

No doubt there are dozens of other combinations when placed with adjoining cards.

When these 2 cards fall in the 4th house of an Astrological wheel layout there is a strong suggestion of a burglary within close proximity to the actual home. It can also point to getting a security system installed in or around the property.

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