Ten of Diamonds


The ten of diamonds is one of my favorite cards to see in a layout especially if it is the last card in a fan of three or at the end of a row.

The pictorial decks of Lenormand, Zigeuner and Sibilla style cards give you an advantage by absorbing the scene and getting the gist of the cards even if you have no knowledge of them.
There is a universal understanding about “numbers” and the properties of each number.

Tens are about the closing and opening of doors to that particular field it represents, diamonds/spades/hearts/clubs.  The bridge to change.

No matter whose system of standard card divination you incorporate into your method of reading, if you know the basics of Numerology you can give a fairly good reading.

The systems created by other talented card readers are rooted in Astrology, Numerology & Tarot (in many cases).

10 of diamonds is a card of financial comfort or abundance card. Going through the Ace all the way to the 9 and ending up at the 10. In our handed-down meanings of playing cards from Eastern Europe the 10 of diamonds was always considered lucky.

Bo Derek was a “10”, she wasn’t a 9. On a scale of 1 -10, ten being the best or most intense as in pain management, the scale is not 1-9. That tells you something about the symbolism of 10.

10 is the end of the cycle. The end of the financial cycle, meaning that you may enjoy the benefits of the financial comfort suggested within this card, but should also know – it will change. As in the Tarot Wheel of Fortune (#10), change is the next progression of the cycle.

Diamonds are sometimes associated with the pentacles of Tarot and the pentacles represent the tangible world. The world of physical results. When you see the 10 of diamonds topping (last card) other cards whatever is the theme of those other cards will end on a very positive note.

If the cards are about work, the 10 points to a financial progress and attainment of goals.
If the cards are about romance, the 10 suggest that money is a factor or issue within the relationship
When the cards point to difficulties, the 10 offers improvement and even if there is illness or tragedy involved, there will be a richness within ones heart. Or there can be a financial advantage as the ending result.
When the cards point to business- there will be major success and more assets than liabilities.

In some system of regular card divination, clubs rule the financial world. I think that when you “train” your cards to depict certain meanings, that stays with the card. I find that some of the Sibilla and Lenormand cards are not true to the universally accepted meanings of numbers.

When you combine the meaning of a diamond and the meaning of the number 10 -you have one aspect of the 10 of diamonds. Where it gets interesting is when other meanings are assigned to this card.

It is the completion of something tangible, solid, real- that opens a vast horizon of probabilities.

“However, Universally the number 10 remains a 10.”

22 thoughts on “Ten of Diamonds

  1. …I was shuffling my deck of cards this afternoon,an,lo and behold,the 10 of Diamonds fell to the floor as I was shuffling,I was told,when a card `jumps`from the deck whilst shuffling,its means
    that particular card is trying to tell you something,that its meaning is more profound since it `jumped`from the deck and you didnt choose it in a reading.
    So my question is,
    what does this mean for me.Can someone *please* tell me what the meaning is(like winning the lottery,ect..)
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi: Thanks for your comment. I do believe that a card falling from the deck is significant or if it turns over in your hands while shuffling. Traditionally the 10 of diamonds is associated with financial increase or gain. There are other cartomancy combinations for predicting a lottery win. Just out of curiosity did you experience any positive changes since the card “jumped” from the deck. Seaqueen.

  2. Me and my 12 week pregnant wife flew to Ohio to visit our families. We played several games of Euchre last night. Every time it was my turn to deal my mother in law would cut the deck and for five consecutive hands I turned up a ten of diamonds as the trump card. I am sure the odds of this are huge. Any comments?

    • Hi Frederick,
      Thanks for your story. Yes, drawing the 10 of diamonds for 5 consecutive hands is pretty amazing. Are you sure you weren’t using a magnet up your sleeve, lol. I would look deeper into the significance of that card if it happened to me. If you believe in the meaning of the 10 of diamonds from a divination point of view then you may attract some abundance into your life. The reason I say abundance is because this particular diamonds is a high money card. It would be interesting to see what synchroncities happen with “luck”. Maybe the baby will be born on the 10th day of the month due. Take care and all the best to your wife. Seaqueen

  3. Hello Madame Seaqueen,
    I got a reading from my spiritual counselor and she mentioned abundance in many ways are coming, especially money… What are some concrete ways to support the universe to bring about this financial abunance quicker? Or just go with the flow with neutral feelings??

    • Hi Annette: Thanks for you comment. I think that staying open & trusting the Universe to provide abundance in your life is the best method. I wouldn’t dwell on it every single minute I would just adopt the attitude of “knowing in my heart” I am worthy of the abundance. I might do a little Feng shui to unblock any energy in the financial corners of your home. If you read cards do a layout & ask the abundance question. Seaqueen

      • Madame,
        You suggested feng Shiu, what are typical parts of my house to clean up and call on financial abundance? What do you do in your home??

      • Traditionally the prosperity corner is located in the southeast section of where your live (your home). Each room also has a wealth corner which is usually rear wall left corner. Place things which have an association with good luck such as coin shaped plants which grow quickly. Avoid slow growing plants. What I have is some chinese coins hanging on an 8″ red cord. Sometimes I tap the coins so the vibration of their sounds activates any stale air. As long as the corner appears wealthy with things such as pictures of water flowing/fish/fisherman etc the Prosperity Energy will have better flow. Notice that every Chinese restaurant has a flowing fountain with fish/coins depending on the size of it. The take out places usually have a mini fountain on the counter. My dentist has one in his office, lol. Oh yes, avoid electronics in those areas because it drains the energy. I’m guilty of having a lamp, laptop and telephone chargers plugged into the wall. I’ve been meaning to get a long extension cord and run it to the right side of the wall. 🙂 Lots more info on line about feng shui. Madame Seaqueen

      • Ok will do!!!!! All the corners of my house are cluttered… I have three kids so we are totally busy and cluttered most of the time. Thank you again.

  4. Hi. Thanks for your comment/question. I’ve studied Morrell and Camp’s system which I find exceptional. My understanding is that the 10 of Diamonds as the long range card suggests that you will be dealing with a larger amount of money in that birthday cycle. Maybe you will benefit somehow and your financial position will be much better by your next birthday. It’s a great card to have in that spot.

  5. I had a dream just before waking this morning in which I was seated next to and in the same chair no less, a brunette woman who asked me to “pick a card.” She held out in a fan motion, a deck of cards face down and I chose a card and turned it over. It was the 10 of diamonds. Immediately before waking, the woman turned into a man. Though I don’t recall what he looked like or his age for that matter, I don’t think he was necessarily symoblic of the card itself as moments passed before I looked back at the woman and realized she no longer sat next to me. In fact I was no longer sitting, I was standing. She was no longer in the seat but rather altogether gone. Standing before me was a man at what I think was a casino table and he was about to explain to me what the card symbolized and I woke.

    • Hi Suzanne: What an interesting dream and dreaming of that card in particular. No guarantees of course but traditionally, that card is associated with financial increase or a sense of financial stability. SQ

  6. I’m a bit disappointed with your response as the others’ above seemed to have warranted a little more in depth explanation. What does the symbology of the woman sitting in the same chair mean to me or the man at the casino table. Doesn’t that signify winning money?

    • Hi Suzanne: Yes, traditionally it does mean winning money which is a financial increase. My mom (RIP) interpreted dream in the old fashioned Eastern European way and always told me as long as you do not see money given to you in the dream you stand a good chance of gaining. An interesting story: a friend of mine had a dream of a slot machine with all the symbols straight across indicating a big win. No money changed hands in the dream & he went to a casino and won $4000 on the identical machine as in the dream.

  7. I gutted a room in my house and found a 10 of diamonds in the wall. Any significant meaning? Based on what I’ve read it mean a change in financial security. Thoughts?

    • That’s a cool Reality Brian. Love that it’s not a dream but an actual realization. It is very significant in that it denotes a financial gain. The house is a foundation and the walls hold up the very foundation of the rooms within a house. The 10 of Diamonds “holding up the wall” indicates that your house will be a blessing and that financial gain is evident in your future. Mere moments ago I was writing on my own Facebook page about dreams and reality and I cited a room with a view and a vision of a promising future awaiting me. This was on the very heels of my just this morning declaring with Victory, my belief that I will soon win the lottery and that I am sure to have financial freedom and abundance. Interesting that I received, while reading my emails 10 minutes or so ago, your very question about the 10 of Diamonds. Carl Jung said “there are no coincidences” but rather chance encounters based on synchronicity and fate. Yes, Brian … it is as they say in England, on the cards, or here in the States, in the cards. The 10 of Diamonds … Financial Security, a windfall … it’s at hand. For both of us. Yes, indeed. Prosperity minded folks thinking and believing in abundance. Hallelujah and Amen. I wish for you what I wish for myself … Abundance, Prosperity and new found Riches. Abundance of Health, Well Being, Happiness, Love, Financial Security and Peace.

  8. I did a celtic cross and I got the last four cards as 3 of hearts 8 of spades, 8 of hearts and last one 10 of diamonds can you tell me what that means?

    thank you so much


    • Hi Eve: Thanks for your comment. Doing a partial analysis of the Celtic cross would only provide you with a partial reading. Since the 10 of Diamonds sits in the outcome spot there is an indication of financial increase according to Regina Russell’s system but it can also combine with 10 of clubs to indicate other things, etc. I like answering question but for reading interpretations I would suggest to look into some facebook groups or the Aeclectic Tarot forum. Madame Seaqueen.

  9. I had a dream about work when the man asked me in for a coffee. when I got in the house I asked to go to the bathroom as I went back to living room the man pulled out a black 10 0f diamonds . Anyone know what it means ?? Thanks

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