Sweetheart, Malady, Lover , Death, Judge

A question was posed to me over the telephone today by a female in her mid thirties. Relationships questions seem to be quite popular lately when someone wants a reading.

There might be connection to Venus going retrograde and that means romantic/love relationships are being reviewed or re-assessed by the people involved.

I dug out my vintage cards & used what is known as the Gipsy Wahrsagekarten fortune telling deck. My cards are numbered which is a rarity to find. I like using these versus the “now” colored decks because I feel that the less color the better for psychic expansion. You may feel differently and find that colors stimulate and trigger impressions in you. It depends what your natural ability is and how much you lean on the cards for the answers.

The question: Is my relationship is serious jeopardy?

At first I drew 3 cards. Coincidentally or not and I really don’t believe in coincidences, more like synchronicity- the Sweetheart, Malady & Lover showed up. To me this meant that the young woman’s question was very serious. It was a vital issue in her current life. Pretty darn important!

I felt I needed to draw 2 more cards so that I could offer more information other than what those cards foretold. I told her I’d call her back because I wanted to meditate on the cards a few minutes. When you have such an intense topic, you as a card reader need to be sure you are centered and coming from your highest source by asking your guides to help you out. You are dealing with another human being’s fragile emotional state. Normally, I will not read for anyone that is terribly upset- it affects my ability to read because I am highly sensitive to energy, positive & negative.

My favorite CD to listen to is “Shamanic Dream” by Anugama Track2 -it is one sure fire way to regress into a meditative state instantly. I particularly like this track because in the background you can hear the words “letting go” if you listen carefully.

Anyways back to the example reading.

The first 3 cards are pretty obvious.

girl, sick or on hold state, boy

aug2demo.jpg piatnik

Easy enough to figure out that there is a relationship illness between them. Something is not right, doesn’t feel good, unsettling and perhaps even at a standstill from further development.

When I drew the Death card, my gut feeling was that the relationships was definitely heading for a huge change, namely a termination. I also know that the Death card can hint at a renewal within the same relationship. Kind of like going to another level with it. As I picked the Judge card, my heart sank because that meant the ending, conclusion contained with the Death card’s meaning was topped off by a final decision -a permanent dissolving.

One thing I did notice was that the Death card was on the side of the Lover card that had the flamboyant side of the jacket facing it -indicating the romantic nature. It was apparent that he had lost his feelings for her. I did not feel that the young woman depicted by the Sweetheart card would be really hurt, though. Even though initially she may think her world his over and cry her eyes out. The Judge card’s meaning is a precise decision – a clean break.

I relayed the information and there was silence on the other end of the phone. This concerned me for a few seconds until I heard her voice. She said, “I thought so.” She proceeded to tell me that there was no intimacy between them for a long time (like I really want to know that, ha-ha) and was anxious to move on.

Seems to me that I was more disturbed delivering the news to her, than her receiving it. You just never know why people ask questions. Maybe to get confirmation by someone else of something they already know.


14 thoughts on “Sweetheart, Malady, Lover , Death, Judge

  1. i want to know my future lover .
    May i know his feature, age , job and education and when can we meet together.

  2. Hello,
    Thanks for your comment. Are you asking me a question? If so- you need to pick some cards for analysis. As far as the precise description of a “future” individual, the exactness could be determined by surrounding cards. Other factors are involved as well, for example -the cards used, the layout etc.

  3. hi.i don’t know where to look for layouth for these cards.i have them for years but don’t have any book or something for them and i’l like to learn at least some easyest readings.i’m not sure if i’ve posted these question on the right place but i hope you’ll help me.this is the best site i’ve found for Zigeuner cards.
    thank you.

  4. Thanks Anna for the compliment.
    There are a few layouts for the Zigeuner cards.
    Using all 36 cards in a full board layout.
    9 cards across x
    4 rows. The readings starts where the Sweetheart(female)or Lover(male)cards are situated. It is quite a complex reading & not recommended for a beginner.

    Another one is the Romany style which was just posted the other day. https://seaqueen.wordpress.com/2007/08/01/popular-romany-layout/

    A more simpler one, is a 5 card horizontal spread.
    card 1- the past
    card 2- the present
    card 3- the surprise or unexpected influence
    card 4- the near future, 1 month
    card 5- the future, 3 months

    The 3 card horizontal draw
    card 1- the question
    card 2- the opportunity or challenge
    card 3- the result

    Hope that helps.

  5. Hello! Today I read about a layout I`ve never heard of. I picked the card that represented me: the lover and 4 other cards: in the now spot: the thief and the lover, in the outcome spot: the gift and in the other spot ( I don`t know the name) the widower. The question that I asked is: What will happen between me and my boyfriend in the future?
    Can you please help me find the meaning of this spread?

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for your question. I will gladly interpret the lover & 4 cards but what I need first is for you to confirm the positions of the cards. You have mentioned only 4 cards.
    thief, lover(now spot)
    – is this correct?


  7. And the widower card was om the left of the sweetheart card. I guess it`s a little bit strange. I tried to find this layout again but i can`t remember where I found it in this site.

  8. Hello again,

    Are the cards are as follows:
    #1. thief, lover, widower, sweetheart, gift
    Is this correct?

    IF the Sweetheart card is in the middle (as you say), then there are 2 cards to the left and 2 cards to the right.

    OR is this what you mean?
    #2. thief, lover, SWEETHEART, gift, widower

    Please make any corrections of the sequence of cards so that I can review them for you.


  9. Great, now that I have the cards in the right order I will post your reading and at the same time use it as a study sample.
    The interpretation will be of the cards & some combinations.
    …for your entertainment & learning…

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