Foreign woman

Art deco fortune telling cards – Foreign woman

(the horizontal version, lol)


The image illustrates an exotic looking woman in a flamenco dress. She holds a green shawl behind her. There is a red rose on the left side of her head and another one sits on her right hip.

Daily guidance card

In a female’s reading: Today’s activities will be out of the norm. You might meet an interesting female that shares some unique ideas about fashion or design. Perhaps at some point today you will dare to different. Your wardrobe may be in need of some additional more creative outfits.

In a male’s reading: A woman crosses your path at some point today is that exotic or eccentric. You take a second look because she has a very attractive quality about her. You could go shopping for your special lady friend and buy her some lingerie for that upcoming anniversary or birthday.

As a spiritual card – foreign woman suggests getting in touch with your creative & artistic self. Is applicable to many Sibilla type cards that feature a “foreign woman”

In the Astrological circle layout...suggested meanings in the houses

1. you become quite adventurous and have a need for more excitement

2. money comes in from part time projects and hobbies

3. involvement with your sister’s problems, communication with people at a distance

4. a visitor comes with some outrageous ideas

5. potential for a “hot” affair, your creativity knows no boundaries

6. a new job is coming, something totally different

7. your relationships get more exciting and interesting

8. you could inherit something of value from a person you least expect

9. studying a new philosophy on life, travel to faraway lands

10. career opportunities in the distribution of international products

11. you are tempted to cross the line with a platonic friend

12. a secret is revealed about a no-no (affair) from a long time ago



2 thoughts on “Foreign woman

  1. Hello madame.

    I’ just feel that i should give my personal experiences with this card.

    In my daily and to other people this card suggests allways ” A woman from a far place/city “.
    Often this woman can make a call, or send an e-mail, or visit us in the street.

    I don’t want to be pretensions with this, but just tell my experiences.

    This is not a replay, but i need to say again, that i love your blog, and your way of doing readings.


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