Marriage card

Zigeuner card has a scene in a church with a bride and groom at the altar within a church. A priest is performing the ceremony…
Biedermeier card shows a priest in full gown overseeing the bride and groom taking their vows. The couple is kneeling and holding hands..
Art Deco portrays the bride and groom in front of a large door opening. She is carrying a huge bouquet of roses. It appears as though they are leaving the premises because the man’s right foot is taking a step…

Sibilla Oracle shows the bride-to-be on the left side of the card and a lady-in waiting who is adjusting the wedding gown. The 5 of hearts insert is at the top left hand corner. The bride holds a hankie in her right hand. The other woman has a garland of red bows in her hair. The number 26 is in the upper right hand corner.

THE CARD– The marriage card suggests bonding. This does not necessarily mean between 2 individuals, it can suggest a committed union between 2 partners for any reason. The unity within a family atmosphere. Sometimes a person is married to their career or a hobby.

When you learn to find cooperative rooting within yourself only then will you attract the same commitments from others.


marriage & lover A married man. You can end up marrying your boyfriend within the time frame of the reading if the judge card is next to this duo.

marriage & malady Weakening of matrimonial bonds.

marriage & misfortune An incident will occur that puts the marriage in danger, most likely an affair.

marriage & house A wedding within the family circle. A commitment to purchase a house.

marriage & journey A honeymoon. Going away for a romantic weekend.


Are you going to someone’s wedding? You receive a message or letter with really fantastic news. It’s about cooperation or team work. Learn to delegate because that act of giving and taking is the theme of the day.

Spiritual Guidance – If you feel disconnected today take some time to meditate by listening to your favorite style of music and “pull yourself together”. The perfect harmony that ensues will see you through the day.

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