Shustah(c) Mama pig & little piggies.

A few posts earlier I used the pages of Shustah(c) cards in a mini Celtic cross reading. I was asking about someone’s well being.

As I uploaded the last post on the Lenormand Star card, it just dawned on me that I missed a very important clue in one of the yellow cards, namely the Little Holy Pigs. When you look at this image you see the piggies getting fed, this is very obvious on the card. If you tie that into the crossing card Virgo it spells out a problem with digestion, absorption of food and getting proper nutrients. The Separating Fence can represent a blockage in this condition. And the Treasure card would be the information that is yet to be discovered. The container in this image reminds me of the contents of a stomach. When describing the details of the blue card, Lord of Benevolence, I mentioned that the bird is heading into the Lord’s palm. He could be deliberately holding out some food for the bird to eat.

A few of these cards point to the act of consumption. The Virgo card is specific both in the house it rules indicating health, or work, sometimes small animals. The part of the body associated with Virgo is the intestines, particularly the colon.

One step further, the meaning of the very first card the Magic Mushroom was to listen to what the Holy frogs are saying according to the Manser/North book. When I look at this card, I do not identify with the huge mushroom, more like the frog on the left of the card. One of the symbolic meanings for frogs is illness and healing. The Mushroom suggests curiosity because it is so intriguing to look at.
If one were to eat a toxic mushroom illness would ensue. Some Shamans (as well as [other] people) eat “magic” mushrooms to access an altered state of mind where they receive messages to help in the healing of others- for medicinal reasons. The [other] people just to get high.

Still need to meditate on this card a little further because it is loaded in symbolism.

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