Lenormand Heart #24


The Lenormand Heart #24 rules the emotional zone. This card covers most areas pertaining to love relationships and in any situation where this strong emotion is involved.

Much is based on the surrounding cards because the Heart is a stand alone card. By itself it does not describe much detail except that the sentimental area is a focus.

The Heart card is one of several key cards, such as House, Lady, Gentleman, Anchor which depict specifics. When the majority of the cards around the Heart are positive in nature, that means the love-department is going well or a situation is without too much turbulence. However, when the adjoining cards are of pain and hardships we can see immediately that something was wrong or will be soon.

In some combinations

heart + bear = the suggestion here is strength of feelings, a powerful attraction, the love of a man who is close by. When these 2 cards fall in the future and it is a female’s reading there is the possibility that a great love is on it’s way.

heart + dog = this meaning is fairly obvious, it would indicate a faithfulness in emotional commitment, a loving friend, the love for a friend

heart + tower = here we see a good indication of problems and quite possibly a separation of feeling, can point to a break up- the card following these two will tell you whether it is permanent. Usually the scythe point to impossible reconciliation between the people or situation involved.

heart + cross = a heavy heart perhaps holding within it grief and pain. In the future spots these two cards will always indicate a decision with regards feelings. If no action is taken then the unsettled emotions go inwards and prevent healthy feelings. A deep wound.

heart + fox = I have seen these two in combo many times and more times than not, the outcome was some sort of betrayal or a victimization of the person in a relationships. They can suggest love for the job or work as well and it is important to piece together the meanings of close by cards. Sometimes these two cards suggest a possessiveness that is smothering.

heart + fish = another easy combo, the love of money or an older fair haired man (King of Diamonds). Looking at these two cards in a negative way it will tell you that there is a love of alcohol and/or drugs – to avoid or escape from themselves mostly.

heart + mouse = a nibbling of the heart strings, the feelings or emotions involved are slowly being changed and are not a strong as they used to be. The mouse will gradually destroy the life-force within the heart. These two cards can tell you that a relationship is going through a diet-phase, meaning that there is very little emotional commitment.

heart + clover = a very quick romantic connection, it can point to a one night stand but in most cases we are not aware it is a one night stand until after the fact- when one or both people simply do not ever call each other. These two cards do point to being lucky in love and basically there is a “high” for a few days at least.

2 thoughts on “Lenormand Heart #24

  1. Nice article :). What would you say if one draws heart (24) and love letter (27)?

    I asked if new love was entering my life soon 🙂

    • Hi: Thanks for your comment. The Heart + Letter does reveal something to come in the romantic/emotional department. It depends what card follows this combination as well. The Lenormand cards are greatly influenced by neighbouring cards. As a 2 card draw I would suggest an opportunity will appear. Seaqueen

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