Lenormand #16 Star

The Lenormand style Star card leans towards spirituality and can represent the Angel realms. Some of the card’s meanings are hope, encouragement and support. There is a promise of success and happiness contained within the card.

The Stars dance in the skies above and obey the Laws of the Universe. There is a sense of magic to stars. Star Light, Star Bright…. wishing upon a star.

The Star card has the power of insight. (clear sight) Imagination. Too much insight that is not channeled constructively can overpower you and literally make you feel like a space cadet, dizzy.
New ideas and inventions exist in your imagination first – in the stars which could very well be part of the Universal mind.

In some combinations.

star + tree = can represent headaches, promotes the idea of wishing yourself well, sometimes the condition is imaginary

star + sun = a medium or clairvoyant, a person able to get clear visions, mystical, powerhouse of energy

star + heart = a profound love that seems too good to be true – so perfect, a Godsend

star + stork = wishing for a change, hoping to move forward in some situation

star + whip = a good debate, clearing the air, getting your cards on the table, a kiss and make up fight

star + rider = all is clear and understood with the news and message that has come, hoping for the knight in shining armor

star + tower = talking to a counsellor about your problems, a guru, spiritual leader, going to a retreat

star + death = the end of a dream, don’t give up, never lose hope, premonition of death

star + scythe = morbid thoughts, suddenly a light bulb goes off in your head

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