pages of Shustah(c) in Mini Celtic cross layout

I had asked my Tarot about a situation that is weighing heavily on my emotions, the concern for a family member’s well being. I know these things are out of our hands and if it is the journey of the family member, then who am I in the grander scheme of things to even question this.
BUT……I am questioning this and asking the cards for guidance.

The Lenormand and Gipsy cards gave me information many months in advance about this. The playing cards were right on and I remember thinking to myself -who the heck is this person involved. Now I know.

I thought I might try a 6 pages of Shustah(c) mini Celtic cross layout. I prefer this layout to the regular 10 cards.

The core understanding of the Shustah(c) cards is relatively easy. The positions in the mini Celtic cross will add some more dimension as does the Astrological wheel or any layout for that matter that has a designated spot.

Card 1 will be the aura or energy of my question, namely the situation. Here we have a red card with a huge mushroom and a couple of frogs. Red leans towards challenges. The mushroom has no flowers or leaves. The 2 frogs are sitting under the mushroom. Looking at the images it does look like a dialogue is going on (description in the handbook by Ann Manser/Cecil North). When I meditate on this card in reference to my question, it gives me the feeling of “protection” and a “knowing” within me. I also see growth and toxicity.

Card 2 is the challenge or opportunity energy crossing the Sacred Mushroom. The 6 sign of the Zodiac Virgo. What a coincidence this is – one of the things Virgo does rules is health. It also rules the intenstines in the body, process of digestion and elimination as well. The time frame is late Aug until about the 3rd week of September. This gives me the feeling that this could very well be a “timeframe” to be aware of.

Card 3, beneath card 1 is a root card-the general foundation of the layout. Here we have a blue card depicting a calmness. In the image is an individual that looks like he isn’t hard done by the clothes he is wearing. He is holding something in his hand and a bird is diving into his palm either to take it or to look closer at what it is. It is not exactly clear. I think Manser intended it to be that way. The book calls this card Lord of Benevolence. If this is the “root” of the question, then this card suggest nothing too serious because this Lord is a good guy.

sh.jpg(c) Pages of Shustah cards displayed for the purpose of study of layout.

Card 4 to the left of card 1 usually represents what is partially still current but will pass soon. Here we have another red card. I think that the Separating Fence is spooky to look at. A grid of bars comes between 2 people. It is not clear if they are male or female because they are hooded. Maybe there is no one under there – an emptiness. The book states severance or separation as a key word. The feeling I get from this card is “not being able to get through or reach someone”. In regards to my original question, the red card points to a helpless isolation by this family member due to their well being. A drifting apart has occurred. The grid of bars can mean a “blockage” because there is the prevention of togetherness or “flow”.

The next 2 cards are yellow which is a good & positive feeling.
Card 5 above card 1 is the future card. Here we see a big mama pig and 5 or 6 baby piggies. There is a fence in the background. I find the card extremely hard to see because it certainly isn’t as vivid in color as in the image above. When I stare (meditate) at the fence, I see it moving back and forth in the center where it is joined. This is telling me there is adjustments to coming and a certain amount of flexibility with the “well being” question. This card is about good fortune, possible material gain etc. I see the answer coming the great Goddess (mama pig). The Universe will provide what is needed.

Card 6 to the right of card 1 is the imminent future, probably within 2 weeks. It is a yellow card. In the image is a container filled with what looks like strands of beads, jewelry etc. But it could also be something else -this is where your imagination and intuition come into play. It could be popcorn.
Another card of material increase. The Treasure card points to something that will be revealed, maybe it is news and not necessarily a gold necklace which makes no sense in relation to the question, at this point so far.
The feeling I get is that there will be a discovery, a finding or the worms your find if you dig deep enough but since the Little Holy Pigs cards showed no evidence of alarming news, then whatever is in the container is a short term influence.

Crossing card Virgo is ruled by Mercury meaning communications will come -as in the results.

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