Rider, Stork, Tower

The 1969 Gypsy Bijou fortune telling cards that I own which is seen in the image were originally published in 1910 by Foulsham & Co., London England.

The Lenormand style cards have the meanings written on them, are numbered but do not contain the inserts of the standard playing cards on them.

It is a great little deck as you learn the process of “reading”. As with most of the Lenormand decks the traditional meanings are the same with the exception of additional information that is created by the person reading the cards. The combinations tend to be common-sense derivatives. The only time you get a spectacular combination is when you actually have a vision or hear a message via inner sight and inner voice that is significant to the person getting the reading. And that would have to be right on. For example, telling them they will move into a house that has a house number of 1257 or telling them they will be involved with a person named Frank or Melissa (when they currently don’t know anyone with that name that they would be romantically interested in). Now that’s what I call -good and these types of predictions can happen.

The cards below are #1 Rider, #17 Stork, #19 Tower

We all know the Rider brings messages of all kinds that are usually on there way. In this deck the Rider faces to the left. The way I want to read this is any message or news that does come will be connected to the distant past not as in decades gone by but as in longevity (going on for quite some time or part of a continuous situation or problem).

The Stork is all about changes and movement. These 2 cards empower each other because they are both about the energy of information coming towards us whether we want it or not. Of course if you don’t pick up the phone, retrieve your E-messages or converse with anyone – it may not happen…..then…..but it will. If the news is heading your way it will arrive in such as way that you don’t expect. A surprise.

The Stork is the KNIGHT of the Tarot

– coming and going of a matter bringing change. The Stork faces the Tower card and has it’s back to the Rider and the horse. Whether this makes any difference or not can only be determined after the fact.

The Tower is interpreted as a separation or long life (health), depends which meanings you want to use. It can represent a large building (stork and tower can point to a medical building). Today, when I observe the Stork and Tower cards together I get the feeling of changes within the physical body. The Rider in that case would be medical news coming that will bring information pertaining to a health issue.

Some other combinations- change of plans, visiting a professional building, sudden arrival or departure rooted in the news or message received, emotional withdrawal

When you look at a stork, it doesn’t move around a lot. It just stands there unlike a chicken. This tells me that the change that is foretold by the Stork card will happen with great speed. When the symbolism of the actual stork bird was put on these cards, you have to remember that is was in the mid 1800’s and there would be only certain species of storks popular in Europe.

Isn’t that part of Europe where the myth of the stork bringing babies originated from?

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