Moon Cycles

In case you have not found the Moon Calendar link on the sidebar.

Fantastic reference page especially if you have access to your Natal chart. You can follow the transits of the moon through the Houses and keep track of any significant events. What I mean by this is if your 5th House has Taurus on the cusp and the moon is transiting Taurus, those things ruled by the 5th house with light up for the approx 2.5 days of the actual Moon transit.

5th house rules children, hobbies, creativity, games of chance, luck, love etc

This is a very interesting way to follow the ebb and flow of your emotional cycles. On top of that you can also track the mood of the general public as well. When the moon is in Aries as it was a few days ago, people in general are very much into themselves and tend to be less cooperative, inclined to be argumentative or opposing. It also means applying the energy of Aries to get things done. If Aries was the 4th cusp you may have found yourself cleaning up at home and organizing your “stuff” and more than likely if you talked to others (general public) they were busy with similar projects.

When the moon transits Leo it will be all about being a kid & having fun, playing, having a good time, activities pertaining to children and it can brings out the “drama queen/king” in us. In the natal chart look for Leo’s cusp. If it is the 10th house then all that would apply to career and things you are involved with on a grander scale which would not be so personal as with the 6th house which is everyday work etc.

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