Trio draw using 3 different decks

In this example I have used the Pages of Shustah (Ann Manser), Standard playing cards and the Mystical Lenormand by AGM

Most card systems work together and the energies should be reflected within the suggested meanings of the decks.


Starting with the Lenormand row we have #27 Letter, #33 Key and #32 Moon

The suggested brief meanings around this trio of cards is as follows in sequence

#27 – a message is coming today, the delivery of this message can be from any of the methods we are using, cell phone, email, land phone, etc. Today it will not be an actual letter because it is Sunday and there is no mail delivery. Because the letter does represent a physical piece of paper it could mean an involvement of such. There is the glyph for Gemini in the upper right hand corner which is House 3 in Astrology. House 3 is about short distance travel, all kinds of communications, siblings, neighbours and so on.

– in card #27 the Letter you have the essence of Mercury, the god of messages

#33 – this card is a sure thing, it guarantees the outcome of the energies surrounding the above message and the aspects of the next card, the Moon. In the Mystical Lenormand you can see the glyph of the Sun in the upper right and corner. The sun rules the 5th house and Leo. The 5th house includes children, creativity, hobbies, gambling, love etc.

-in card #33 the Key you have the essence of Leo, it’s about having a fun and playing as well as connections with children or childlike activities

#32 – this card has multi -levels, it has favorable energy leading to success, the glyph of Cancer is in the upper right hand corner which rules home and family and the Moon rules the sign of Cancer. The Moon is about feelings and the intuitive realm. I can rule the mother or bring out the protective nature of wanting to nurture

-in card #32 the Moon the essence is the Moon. Highly powerful card. Gut feelings are important.

These three cards point to activities involving family members where there will be a certain amount of entertainment, all in all any activities will be pleasant and have an element of joy


The standard playing cards 3 clubs, 7 of diamonds and 7 of heart suggest an element of surprise (double 7’s) and it will be a happy surprise (red is always positive for most Card practitioners). When I read regular playing cards I don’t have a set of meanings that I will use right off the bat, all though core meanings are important. I must know at least a dozen if not more systems for regular cards. No one is right or wrong. I keep what has worked for me over the many years and have my own meanings which were passed down from Aliens I think – ha-ha just kiddin.

With so much information in my head I am surprised I haven’t blown up, ha-ha. I find Blogging very theraputic.

The 3 of clubs can be equated to the 3 of wands which is all about progress and growth. The 7 of diamonds is a pentacle card represent finances and specifically money. As a 7, there is an element of incorporating external influences within it. The same goes for the 7 of hearts but the difference here is your feelings and emotions are involved. These three numbers add up to 17 which is the Star card in Tarot – a wish comes true. When added together we get 1+7=8 representing the Tarot strength which is depicted by many deck having the lion on it. The lion is the symbol for Leo ruling 5th house.

The feeling of this trio is that is a big surprise or happy event that will occur, it could involve something tangible such as money – an increase if shown, a form of abundance.

For more information on one particular system of reading playing cards CLICKHERE


The pages of Shustah trio is yellow Lord of Concentration, blue The Fishes and yellow The Coins.

Immediately you notice 2 yellows which is positive and does represent creativity and gain. The blue card that is surrounded by the 2 yellows holds within it a positive energy as well. Three highly positive cards in color.

Lord of Concentration is about focus, that is obvious. It is about making up ones mind. What I feel about this card is the process of manifestation – it reminds me of magic. About asking the Universe for empowering a goal or concept that you want developed. To set up the circumstances so that you can receive the blessings contained with The Fishes card.

There is confirmation that something near and dear or important will come to pass – through pure chance. Or is it? The energies are already at work to set up the possible increase or expansion that is to follow depicted by The Coins. Because The Fishes is a minor wish card and is surrounded by yellow on both sides- this wish is about gain & creativity. Creativity means to remove rigid boundaries and to let loose and play. You cannot play if you have walls surrounding you, those walls limit you even though in some capacity they protect you. When I say play I mean to create.

The last card shows the potential of today ending rather well, no matter what happens. It is about increase, could be financially but this is not always the case. When you tie in the Lord of Concentration to the Coins card you see a perfect example of THE LAW OF ATTRACTION, thinking your way into abundance -whatever abundance means to you. These two cards remind me of the Magician + 7 of Pentacles in combo.

Notice that the 7 of diamonds follows The Fishes card and #33 The Key follow the 7 of diamonds. These three cards tell a story. An almost certain fulfillment of a wish connected to money.

In conclusion, the 3 different sets of cards point to similar energies. There are no negative cards. It shall be a grand day. Now in order for the materialization of any of these cards, one must get out of the house, ha-ha.