Recap of last post

As the day approaches to an end and I am reviewing the last post using the Pages of Shustah, regular playing cards and the Mystical Lenormand I am not surprised that most of the suggested meanings came to pass.

The 7 diamonds and 7 hearts turned out to be an unexpected small win around my daughter and myself. It was really nothing to brag about but nevertheless it was an win.

The Shustah blue fishes and yellow coins confirm the small win.

The Lenormand Letter and Key cards point to a similar meaning although more vague, the part about the family was fairly close and it did involve a short trip. #27 Letter card was an actual scratch ticket that was cashed in as well as the invitation via telephone. There was no real direct evidence in the Lenormand trio of any financial gain. It should have been the Fish and the Clover cards.