Gipsy Journey + Officer combos

Here is a list of some combinations of the Journey + Officer (Gipsy) Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten. They are applicable to the Art Deco fortune telling cards as well and Biedermeir (less the 4 cards that are not included)

Journey + Officer=…………………………………….Officer + Journey =
-an obvious meaning such as a policeman being involved, in some cases this can actually be a crew of people working on construction on the road you have decided to take, the Officer person can be in uniform as is the case most often and can range from a train conductor-tour bus driver-pilot-and even a guide through a picturesque area you are visiting, the Officer is there to assist and help however if you go against a set of rules the officer person will also remind you of that

-a delivery person presents you with paperwork to sign for the package that has come from a great distance (or doesn’t fit in your mailbox), you go to the post office and pick up a parcel

-in romantic situations these two cards will predict the meeting of an individual that while on vacation, trip or on an excursion of some sort, there will be an instant attraction with the temptation of a romantic involvement, the card following the Officer card will tell you the outcome of this connection

-there are many other “common sense” meanings with this duo and it is always a creative challenge to look at the cards in a slightly different manner keeping in mind that when these cards were created they were limited only by the limiting realities of that time

– a person involved with the maintenance involving the care of horses, a racetrack, a jockey, etc and this points to a Vet, not restricted to just horses can be a farming enviroment as well

-as another occupation these two cards could represent a Marital Arts instructor or one of these discipline because a “uniform” is a code of ethics or rules of the game, the Journey card would point to the travel within this particular discipline

-on a work or business level these two cards suggest being on the road more often than behind the desk in an office, thus a truck driver would fall into this category because he/she is traveling to pick up or deliver goods according to the specifications of their employer, a mechanic, a salesperson with a territory to look after

-within the Officer card I see a protective element as well as a combative energy, combined with the Journey in the latter observation these two card will suggest physical aggressive or assertion, most sports require physical exertion and in most games we have officials such as umpires, refs etc,

-when you fall in love with a person depicted by the Officer card there is a small warning to you that more than likely they will take off or move because they are gipsy-hearted in the sense that they cannot settle down but certainly do love adventures

-this duo of cards can foretell an urgent matter required a quick decision or sudden trip to attend to the need of another person, kind of like when you get “that phone call” and you drop everything and basically flee out of wherever you are, in some cases this is a joyous occasion and in other cases it is negative

– Journey + Officer does suggest a mishap involving what is on the land and in order for it to be air travel the Letter or Thought cards need to be touching the Journey card

-you can think of many other meanings for these two cards in combination and they will come to you during the process of having the layout in front of you

Think about it- 36 x 36 =
1, 296 possible core/one concept meanings using the 36 cards

If you know only THREE key words for each card – you already know 11,664 possible concept meanings