The Nile Fortune Cards

The Nile Fortune cards 68 X gold edges have all the meanings on the actual playing deck on all four sides. This makes it easy because there is no need to memorize anything. Blending the cards around the center LIFE card will give you key sentences that you can build up on yourself.

In the example below we can summarize the significant influence using the 8 cards around the LIFE card. The actual layout has 17 piles of cards around the LIFE card with 3 cards in each pile except the 17th pile has 4 cards.

I think when studying this layout with all the cards would take a considerable amount of time at the beginning even though the meanings are right on the face of the card. Card synthesis is a skill- not everyone has that skill but it can be learned. Reading intuitively requires skill as well. If you DO NOT know the difference between your EGO voice and your SPIRITUAL voice then your intuitive readings will still be based in EGO and you will be what is called a ” text book reader”, and a text book reader never adds any intuitve insights to the reading. Reading cards is similar to playing the piano, guitar or flute. Some people have to practice forever and for other’s it is a natural ability which is picked up quickly.

Looking at the reading below.

#1-7 clubs, #2-5 clubs, #3- 2 spades, #4- Queen spades,


#5- Jack clubs, #6- 5 spades, #7- 8 clubs, #8- 2 clubs

#1 – a debt unexpectedly paid

#2 – you will marry a second time

#3 – a removal

#4 – brunette of jealous disposition

#5 – an open, sincere friend

#6 – your companion in life will be devoted to you

#7 – a journey by car or vehicle (well it could be a broom, ha-ha)

#8 – an acceptance and pleasant journey

You can summarize those meanings quite easily. I wouldn’t attempt reading this deck unless you have lots of time, because it will take you at least an HOUR to figure the full layout out. And if you thought the full board of 36 in the Lenormand or Ziguener was challenging – the Nile fortune cards exceed even them.

13 thoughts on “The Nile Fortune Cards

  1. Hi Madame Seaqueen,

    These Nile Fortune cards look amazing. I’ve never seen them before. They look like they would be fun to work with. Now I need to try to find a set for my own collection. Like you, I love to collect old Cartomancy and Tarot decks.

    I agree completely with your analogy that learning to read cards is like learning to play an instrument. Card reading is an acquired skill. And once you master the technique, it can be applied to any deck or system.

    I think learning to read cards is also sort of like learning a foreign language. Memorizing the meanings to a set of cards is like memorizing a list of vocabulary words or stock phases. You’ll be able to communicate a few ideas, but your language will lack color and depth. As with a language, the grammar and syntax of the cards must be digested and assimilated for fluency. Just my 2 cents. 🙂


  2. Right on!

    The Nile fortune cards are a rarity to find. I am not sure how hold my deck is exactly, possibly from 1954 – smells like it too lol.

    Yes they are interesting because of the 4 different meanings on each playing card.

    I gave 1/2 dozen decks of cards away during one of those moments I had when I was rebelling against my spiritual calling. Ahhh those teenage years…… many many moons ago.

    Learning a foreign language is challenging – I know all about that. English is my second language. However that is not really a fair example because English is not taught in images as are some of the others of the world – like Asian + Hebrew.

    Happy July 4th

  3. The Nile Fortune Cards are a great deck to own. I had gotten mine mixed in with a box of antique books bought at an auction for fifty cents.
    They came ina n orange box & are circa 1904.

    E-bay usually sells them for about ten dollars.

    • hi but can anyone tell me what each set means like the hearts diamonds clubs and spades and does Aces stand for anything in the nile pack thanks

  4. Madam Seagueen, I found a deck of nile fortune telling cards. There are 52 cards, are there supposed to be 68? My deck is really warn out and I would really like to get a new deck. Do you know where I can find this great treasure ? thanks ever so much, pamela

  5. Hi Pamela,

    Thanks for your comment.
    As far as I know there are 52 cards like my personal deck.
    Ebay often features the Nile fortune telling cards and sometimes they are not expensive unless of course you are bidding against a die hard card collector.

    I haven’t done a post on this deck for quite some time and I think I will feature them shortly but will use a smaller layout. First, I have to think of a layout that would work. 🙂

    Which layout do you use?

    Madame Seaqueen.

  6. I have a deck from 1899 in EXCELLENT condition! All cards/original box/directions etc. Does anyone know who to contact for the value of these?


  7. I collect old Fortune Teller cards and the Nile brand is my least favorite. So many other types of card gives you a much clearer meaning and in a much shorter version. These cards leave their meanings open to so much interpretation you just get lost.

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