Brief Lenormand interpretation

Susan’s cards (from the comment section)

Listed are just a few keywords for the Lenormand cards selected by Susan.

32- moon 8 hearts

emotional well being, intuition, lunar cycle ( 28 days)

I usually read the MOON card as a lunar time card, with 4 weeks or so.

The MOON + RING suggests a profound, deep or important connection or commitment. Being emotionally involved which many people aren’t even though they are in a relationship. Sometimes relationships are just for convenience these days.

The MOON + RING + BOOK – points to some revelations that obviously ended up in the necessity of the RIDER + PATH combination -the decision. If this is a relationship layout the “cards” show that the LADY will get past all this and despite a temporary unhappy state of mind.

Don’t forget to consider that PATH is also the Queen of Diamonds and because she is side by side with the LADY card, it can involve a sister or close girlfriend.

25- ring Ace clubs

commitments, agreements, unity, cycles

26- book 10 diamonds

hidden information, research, books, situation about to be revealed

RING + BOOK suggests many things, such as keeping a relationship hush hush for a while. Because these two cards are in the past the LADY has found everything out already as the RIDER is the messenger that induced the choices depicted in the PATH card.

1- rider 9 hearts

on it’s way, movement, heading towards

22- path/road Queen diamonds

choices, decision time, travel, female acquaintance

This card behind the LADY suggests that she was involved with some decision making either on her own or through the deliverance of the message of the RIDER. As we see in the last card CROSS -there may be some heavy or serious consequences or results coming up. This does not have to be “so serious”, afterall going for a driver’s licence or writing an examination after you are done a course of study – is under the rulership of the CROSS card.

29- lady Ace of Spades (female significator card = Susan)

NOW SPOT– all cards preceding the lady card would be read in the past, passing stages

-all cards following the lady card would be read as situations approaching or near future

female asking the question

31- sun Ace of Diamonds

promising outcome, personality characteristic, optimism

36- cross 6 clubs

finalization, completion, a test, sadness

When the SUN + CROSS fall side by side, it can send a mixed message. The SUN card is a powerfully positive energy card and the CROSS card can be a heavy negative energy card. If these two cards were reversed it would have been better however in this example it suggest that because of the LADY’s basic personality as being outgoing and positive she will be able to cope with some situation coming up -that could test her to the limit.

Not knowing if there was a question at the time of the selection of these cards or if they are random for study purposes -the cards point to a situation or event that is not in the control of the LADY – the only thing she is in control of is how she reacts, responds or handles this.

An individual could spend a lot of time studying & analyzing combinations. If those were my “cards” I would not be concerned at all because the SUN card touches and is in the future (right side) of the line. Even though the line ends with the CROSS all that means is that there is a “period” to the sentence. A “period” is a completion or conclusion.

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