Lenormand Tree card

TREE CARD in the Lenormand style decks.

The TREE card has been associated with one’s well being or health. It is your Chakra system or cycle. It means a longer time unlike the CLOVER which is quick.

Another aspect of the TREE card is rooting or grounding like you do before you meditate. You can also ground yourself in your job or relationship. TREE also shows potential for growth and unfoldment. TREE is the conduit between 2 people cards or 2 situations.

+anchor=suggests that your job has longevity to it and you will have opportunities to grow with the company

+scythe=indication of a healing with no explanation -rather miraculous. If tree+ scythe falls between 2 cards representing people then their association or connection with be severed completely.

+ring (seen often in readings)= connection of many years from the past or can hint at a very long term

+path= the decision process will take forever unless the card to right or below the TREE is to represent swiftness or speed. Matters of well being will require that a choice be made and those results have a long range consequence

+fish=a very good combination, abundance will flow and continue. Can also be interpreted to mean a medical bill. As the King of Diamonds= a doctor, herbalist

As you can see by the few examples above, several meanings can be formulated and there are many more. The adjoining cards help to determine what meanings are to be ruled out.

Often there are stand alone cards, they do not get weakened or strengthened because they are already power cards.

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