Horary Card Readings.

When we pick a card for a daily draw or do a full layout we are doing Horary card readings.

In Astrology, a chart can be drawn up to answer the question of the moment. Be it whether you should start the business or fall in love.

I think that cards are pretty much the same. When you ask your cards a question, the second you stop shuffling or finish the cut, the layout has been predetermined as to the way the cards will fall. The energy is within the layout.
My divination teacher has always said that the future is altered by how we think. Today you are angry at some individual and the cards will pick up on that anger. Your layout most likely will be filled with cards to reflect that anger.
In fact if you go to the store something will tick you off. In an angered state you attract more anger situations. Remember the LAW of ATTRACTION – well that is not just about good stuff it’s about bad stuff too.

If you have skills in interpreting cards then the answers lie right in front of you. As with the Horary chart, the Astrologer needs skills as well or at least some solid understanding of the planets & houses.
When we do a reading we are reading the cards & the position they fall into which is the planets and houses of Astrology.
When we do combinations of cards we are doing aspects that occur between planets in a chart.

Interpreting transits of an Astrological chart is the same as comparing the “now or current influences” of the cards with the “past” cards. We also read the future cards which are projected transits.

In Horary layouts, we set up the reading the moment our mind is made up to get read. The manner in which we shuffle and cut the cards is directed by our subconscious, that voice in our head that is usually very silent and does not chatter endlessly. The ego-voice is more the heckler we hear. The heckler that keeps you up at night bombarding you with a million things.

If at the time of the reading you are distraught or upset over a past situation- the cards will warn you of pending danger because that “might” occur under your current state of mind. Reading cards for an emotionally traumatized person is rarely a good idea.

I find that the Symbolon deck also works well and if you have mastered that deck you could offer great advice if the person is open to hearing some of the things that come out in the reading-it can be brutally blunt. Many people do not like to hear the truth because their self-image would be shattered. The self-image is usually an illusion anyways. The Tarot will comfort you in time of need. Each one of the Major Arcana is an entire book of advice. There are other cards as well that are geared to inner work.

When the cards tell you that you will come into a larger amount of money, do you sit back and wait for it to happen like a big sack falling from the sky? Or do you buy an extra lottery ticket just in case. Maybe you were wishing for money at the time of the reading and the cards are reflecting this. If the probability is there to manifest money and the money cards show up, then what that means is there will be a clue to how as well. Just as there is a clue to some pending danger, the cards will reveal who or how. Works either way.

Let’s suppose that you actually are balanced frame of mind at the time of the reading, the cards will reflect issue of balance. Test it – and you will see what I mean.

Horary card readings are very helpful as well. It’s all about timing and that is why timing is tough to predict because people change their minds mid stream in certain situations and thus the prediction does not materialize (yet). I say yet because sooner or later SOME THINGS will happen if that is what is their destiny. And the SOME THINGS destiny is determined by a Higher Source.

And we are part of the Higher Source when we learn to align ourselves with the meridians of the Universe.

I think that card readings should be geared to short term time, determined by you before you do the layout. I used to think 6-8 months was reasonable but now I think 2-3 months is more suitable. Besides most people are interested in the near future more than the distant future. In some cases and depending on that question at hand a longer time is needed.

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