Journey Biedermeir, Zigeuner decks


When you select journey as a one card daily draw it is self explanatory as are most of the cards. I think the Biedermeir Aufschlagkarten and Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten present imagery to trigger intuitive and sometimes fairly obvious deductions.

Really what does a journey mean? If you look at the scene in the card it shows are horse driven carriage speeding along with a female passenger.

You already know that you will most likely go somewhere today that you did not plan on going to or thought about it off and on and then suddenly decided to “take off” and go-

Your journey card can predict an actual trip involving airplanes, buses, trains etc but only you would know that. If you are expecting a visitor and are not sure when they will arrive, today just might be the day.

Other trips would fall into the Astrological house #3 ruled by Mercury/Gemini. The short distance trips.

It can be anything from running off to get your hair cut, to picking up the new arrival of a certain book at your favorite book store. Errands fall under this card as well. Taking one of your parents to an appointment.

You may have to go to a walk in clinic and so on. Or last minute grocery shopping because a certain person invited themselves over for supper and is bring all their kids.

If you are not certain how to read the JOURNEY card choose another clarification card. I like using 2 cards for the one card draw because these types of fortune telling cards usually leave me with questions such as who? why? when? what? where? Remember the 5 W’s
As a Spiritual card – the advice of the card is to go within for your answers. Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it. We all know the answers are within but how many of us have a clear channel without all the ego-garbage-chatter. If you do, I highly doubt you would use “cards” as your tool of the trade. You would be one of the enlightened ones and “they” do not surf on the internet ha-ha-ha.
If you were to use JOURNEY to ask the question, “what is it I need to know about myself today”, your answer is within the card. Which of the figures resonate with you. Are you the woman in the carriage, the man with the whip on the horse, one of the horses or the distant village in the background?
For example- if you chose the man with the whip, then perhaps you are BEING TOO HARD ON YOURSELF- your own task master, whipping yourself with guilt or some other negative emotion.
Another example- if you relate to the village in the background, then your message is that you are DISTANCING or REMOTELY connected to aspects of yourself. Basically, you need to get connected to circumstances around you.
OR you need to pull back while your emotions are in chaos. When you recognize this you are tapping into your higher level.
Depends which way you want to read the JOURNEY card- you predetermine that prior to selecting the card.

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