DESIRE-(time for a laugh)


Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten fortune telling cards in light-hearted combinations.

DESIRE in combos just for fun…….. can’t always be so serious!

+ANGER= remembering the nasty disagreement (luv a good fight)

+BABY= wanting to have a baby (takes two to tangle)

+CONSTANCY= wondering why everything is so boring (try running naked through your home)

+ENEMY= desperate and dateless (date a loser, they’re always available)

+LOSS= the shopping spree is not a good idea (but do it anyways)

+HOUSE= hoping to change residence (try cleaning up for a change)

+LOVE= needing physical companionship (battery operated toys work wonders)

+FALSENESS= underhanded motives (get the upperhand)

+FIDELITY= a good friend is on your mind (better than in your bedroom)

+HOPE= stuck in dreamland (pinch yourself and you will wake up)

+JOURNEY= visualizing a vacation (visualizing cash is step #1)

+DEATH= thinking of putting a stop to a situation (don’t think, do it)

+ECCLESIASTIC= questioning the meaning of life (life is to live, not to question)

+LETTER= news that offers you an opportunity (selling chocolates can be fun)

+MESSAGE= maybe you should just go for it (and pack an overnight suitcase)

+LOVER= he wants you too (but not as much as you want him)

+JEALOUSY= absorbed by envious thoughts (green eyed monster strikes again)

+MALADY= wishing you would get better soon (faking illness is bad karma)

+MARRIAGE= not interested in just living together (try living apart)

+FORTUNE= knowing how lucky you are right now (getting off on a speeding ticket is true luck)

+MISFORTUNE= fear phobias (most people don’t have courage phobias)

+JUDGE= praying you will get off easy (it’ll take more than just praying, more like paying)

+GIFT= manifesting abundance (abundance is in the pockets of the beholder)

+MERRIMENT= meditating on happiness (why mediate -be happy)

+SOME MONEY= worried about finances (try getting a job, you bum)

+MONEY= the money can come if you wish hard enough (the Universe wants collateral)

+OFFICER= trying to forget about the one night stand (was it that bad)

+WIDOWER= wondering if a father is doing alright (everyone in Heaven does alright)

+SADNESS= emotional imbalance (stand on your head it’ll clear everything up)

+THOUGHT= obsession (or is it an addiction)

+UNEXPECTED JOY= your smile will be returned (it was found on the butt of that gorgeous blonde)

+VISIT= persuading yourself to go out (call a friend, they are more fun)

+SWEETHEART= she is out there somewhere, focus on love (hearts on fire diamonds=love)

+THIEF= will your heart be stolen (don’t worry, you wouldn’t be that lucky)

+WIDOW= mutual exchange with a mother (howdy mom will do)