Lenormand reading sample -continued

French Cartomancy cards – Madame Lenormand

We already know that there will be some news coming from a male (gentleman + letter). The news looks good (letter + sun).
The short term happiness from the news will end suddenly (sun + scythe). As a result of this “strange” turn of events a drastic change (scythe + stork) will take place.

update sept 21- there was a sudden ending in a joint project several weeks later

In the line of the gentleman we see fox, ring, anchor.
fox + ring = can indicate a betrayal of a promise or commitment. It can also mean a job with a future as the anchor card is on the right side of the ring card

update: this turned out to be false hope for a job with a future

ring + scythe = that’s a toughie, breaking up or complete severing of ties. I would have to say that in this case I want to use the Queen of Cups for this definition. News around another female with a broken relationship. Work related.

update: this turned out to be a severing of ties and it was work related as well

The clouds male will turn out to be a friend (dog) but he will have his own problems (dark side of clouds). There is much she doesn’t know about him, the fact that he has a family (lily), probably married (ring) and/or going through a divorce (ring + scythe)

update sept 21st: how eerie is that? There was a male that was new to her and yes she found out that he was spoken for as in committed relationship.

coffin – the uncovered part faces the moon card, the suggestion is that the will be a sudden new turn of events that will put her in a situation where she will meet up with a male that will help her to fulfill most of her wishes (lily + stars)

Not all Kings mean men that she will meet but in her reading the feel around the other cards pointed to actual people.

The ring square of cards (above, below, beside) are surrounded by mostly good and positive cards except the scythe. If you take the scythe card to be positive then a “cleaning up” will occur before the change (stork) comes. It will be quick.

As in most readings I apply one card to several adjoining cards and use different aspects of the meaning attributed to those cards. Intuition or gut feeling will let you know if it sits comfortably with what you are saying.