For Monica from Norway.

Here is a question from the comments section:

“Hi! Norway calling!

I have trouble understanding the interpretation of the cards especially when I lay out the five cards spread. Yesterday I asked about my career, whether I should continue or not. I used the five cards spread.

In the first position – Baby

Second Position – Death

Third Position – Hope

Fourth position – Lover

Fifth position – Message

Than you for a interesting and helpful website.



I am not sure which 5 card spread Monica used but I layed her cards out in one of the 5 card layouts that are in the Simple layouts category. (using the Gipsy Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten)

CAREER QUESTION: “whether I should continue or not”

1. baby- (you, your attitude)-When the BABY card shows up to represent the person getting the reading done as is in this particular position, the card suggest an attitude of uncertainty. On one hand there is the optimism and on the other hand an uncertainty of moving forward. BABY indicates that short term planning is necessary because a giant leap would be too much of a challenge at this time. Right now you are not fully informed and you need more data before making decisions. You want a new beginning & a certain amount of freedom in the career direction and that means taking a risk. It is the risk that is causing the uncertainty and it causes you worry.

2. death-(present) This card totally supports card #1 baby and what I mean by that is the BABY card influence is being experienced as a result of the DEATH card influence. You have come to a point where a finalization has occurred. The position you are in right now has stagnated to the point where there is a “loss” of interest. Out of every ending there is a new beginning.

Note: had the DEATH card fallen in postion #5 Outcome, my advice would have been to reconsider any career changes and not to move forward for at least 3 months.

3. hope-(immediate, 1 month) For the next 3-4 weeks you need to remain optimistic and trust that everything will be OK as you move into the next phase as far as career is concerned.

4. lover-(near future, 3 months)

If there is no special man in your life right now like a boyfriend/husband/common-law etc. you will meet someone that will be most helpful to you and form an emotional connection before the end of summer.

If you do have boyfriend etc. he will be very supportive of your decisions and will play a significant role as you make the transition. You also care about what he thinks, whether you are doing the right thing or not.

5. message-(outcome) Promising news will come. It will be the beginning stages and you will feel more confident about job/career. It may take up to 3 months for all to fall into place.

There are no cards to indicate that you will not succeed. Your cards are strong and positive. The DEATH card is in the present and will soon be a passing influence. This is necessary to prepare the way for the new direction that you will move ahead to.

I hope that sheds some insight to the cards you selected.


3 thoughts on “For Monica from Norway.

  1. Thank you for your time and for a helpful intepretation! I will come back with a comment later. You are absolutely right about my insecurity 😉


  2. Hi! I have a general question. Is it possible to say something about time in other spreads than the simple five card layout?

  3. Hi Monica,
    Depending which deck you use, “time” can be assessed either by the card involved or the spot in falls into.
    You can pre-determine the “time” element within the layout you use ahead of time. For example, in the Tarot Celtic cross Card #6 representing the immediate future is usually within 1 months time. The outcome card #10 would be 6-8 months (a time frame used by many readers).
    The Aces in the Tarot represent seasons as well -and this give you more information as well.
    When using the Lenormand deck, certain cards like the Whip and Birds signify “2”.
    The Gipsy Zigeuner/Biedermeier type cards can be used in a Celtic cross and the same “time” element would apply as with Tarot. When used in other layouts like the full 36 card board, the cards to the right of the Lady or Gentleman depending the gender of person getting a reading is within 6-9 months. I have found this to be true in many readings.
    As far as a “time” cards in the Zigeuner deck one can specify it to the card. For instance, if I want the Desire card to mean 3 weeks, then that is the energy put into the card. They are trainable.

    Or when you ask a question, you put a time limit within your question. Like, “will I get a new job within 2 weeks”?

    As you can see “time” can be determined in many ways.

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